Laura Weiner-Kiser

Laura Weiner-Kiser founded Change By Challenge where she works as a speaker, behavior change specialist and certified stress & mindset coach. Her mission is to help people transform their health, stress and life by reclaiming authority of their mind to thrive through life’s daily challenges. She empowers her people to open their mind to what’s possible, expanding their worldview and resetting their mind to align with their desired life experience. Creating an unstoppable belief within each and every person she gets to work with that no matter what life throws at them, they will thrive.

Before you became the business titan you are today, enlighten us about the thrilling adventures of your pre-business life.

My career compass has always been driven by helping people feel empowered in their health. I started as a personal trainer after having suffered 9 broken bones throughout my athletic career. I wanted to help people understand how to move their body to be functionally fit and lose weight. Along my path I was constantly bombarded with the insecurities and body shame of my clients. It broke my heart. Hoping to have a greater impact I expanded my education and became a nutrition specialist. I got really good at helping people lose weight. Together we’d create plans to deliver results, but after 6 months they’d start to gain the weight back. It didn’t make sense. Seeing my clients find hope and fall into hopelessness was unbearable. So I set out on a mission to find a way to teach lasting weight loss. I signed up for the Health Coach Institute to become a health and life coach. Little did I know I would become my first client, transforming my mind and health for life in the best way possible. After seeing how transformative coaching was I wanted more. I went back to school to become a Transformational Coach, Master Coach and continued my education year after year adding on Stress & Mindset coaching and just recently Neuro-Somatic Coaching. In my eyes, my career has a life force of its own. Driving me to help transform our culture’s understanding of health and wellness and the impact and power that comes from claiming authority of our own mind.

Could you elaborate on the nature of your initiative/ business/current role, highlighting its purpose and the ways it benefits people?

Currently I specialize as a Stress & Mindset Coach with the goal to help people reclaim authority of their mind in order to conquer life’s challenges and thrive in their health and wellbeing. That is my mission and my business, Change By Challenge, is an extension of that mission with more branches. We have grown to have outstanding impact in corporate wellness with a strong emphasis on lasting change. We create personalized systems that are easy to implement and the necessary support to navigate the ups and downs of change until the company’s leadership is grounded in their new approach. Beyond that I regularly speak at conferences and workshops to spread our impact and cultivate empowering environments wherever we go. Our team flourishes by fostering our own magic expanding our ability to meet the needs of all clients.

What has been the response of the users/consumers towards your venture?

Overwhelmingly positive, emphasis on the overwhelming aspect. My motivation is driven by helping people and I had no idea where it would lead but I’m forever grateful. Daily I get to listen to the transformations my clients go through and celebrate their courage and strength tackling heavy obstacles and coming out stronger than ever. Watching teams communicate effectively and collaborate with compassion and clarity has transformed work cultures where employees’ stress and anxiety decreased drastically with no more reports of burnout. The messages and hugs received following workshops and conferences warm my heart. I never realized how reciprocal the journey would be. Every client I get to work with I go on the journey with them and I never realized how the art of coaching would facilitate such abundance of gratitude and impact.

Having a strong support system is essential for your well-being. We would love to know who your biggest supporter is. Share with us and let’s celebrate the amazing people in our lives who make a positive impact.

There are too many to name, but I wouldn’t be where I am without the support of my husband, my parents and my best friends. I’ve been so fortunate to have people in my corner helping me navigate every obstacle and reminding me what I’m capable of at each turn.

As a young woman entrepreneur, what changes do you hope to see in the world and what opportunities are you seeking?

The change I hope to see in the world is grand, but where I hope to have an impact is in the autonomy of each individual to break free of the programming they were given and upgrade their internal navigation system to align with THEIR values, THEIR hopes and THEIR dreams. Fostering an environment full of stabilized self-worth, open hearted and honest communication, emotional regulation, and outstanding health and wellbeing. I find that the greatest impact has been within organizations where they can create micro-shifts in culture within their company, arming their employees with the necessary tools to thrive in a demanding world. Thus, the opportunities I seek are within organizations in order to have a more substantial impact on our overall health and wellbeing.

Women now stand shoulder-to-shoulder with men in the workplace, breaking through glass ceilings to reach the top. What are your thoughts on women’s leadership today?

YES! In my opinion the professional world is just catching up. For women have been managing and leading since day one in ways that continually astound men, it’s called motherhood. The very nature of how women’s brains and nervous systems work set them up to be optimal leaders due to their ability to navigate multiple topics at once and see patterns others cannot see. I can’t wait to see how women continue to grow and transcend what they previously believed was possible for them.

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