Natasha Middleton

Natasha Middleton is an Empowerment Coach.

She tells us that, “Balance for me is key, as is my family and my clients.  Listening to my body is my go to as well as knowing myself on a deep level.  Using my Strategy and Authority in my Human Design guides me to make the right choices and to avoid burnout and bitterness.”

When faced with unexpected hurdles in your business, how do you stay strong?

When things happen within my business that I didn’t expect, that may have knocked me off my perch momentarily. I really sink in deeply to my Why.  Why was I guided to do this work, what are my personal whys for doing the work that I do.  To have a strong why within business is paramount to dealing with those hurdles that come along.

How do you determine the success of your business beyond financial metrics, focusing on factors like customer satisfaction and community impact?

Money is a consequence of what I do, not a motivator.  Working with my clients lights me up, to see the shifts and growth in them inspires me to keep going, knowing that I am making an impact, not only in their lives but for the planet also.  The testimonials that I have from my clients fills me with so much joy

Can you recount a pivotal moment in your business journey where you saw remarkable growth or witnessed a transformative change, showcasing the impact of your products or services?

My business truly came into itself and started to grow when I had aligned with my own truth and beliefs.  I really feel that a lot of the work is inner work and then a smaller percentage is the strategy and implementation.  When we align with ourselves as the beings that we are and not what we feel we should be, that is where the growth and expansion happens, not only on a business level but also a personal one.

In your view, how crucial is mentorship for the success of small businesses, and how have mentors influenced your own entrepreneurial path?

Working with my coach has been exponential for me personally and professionally.  I feel that we can only do so much on our own, and that isn’t due to lack of focus or drive, but we get caught up and can loop round in circles.  Having a coach that holds you accountable for the goals that you set, supports you when you are struggling and guides you is an amazing investment that everyone should add to their business

What is your business focused on, and how does it contribute to making a positive difference in the world?

I work with mums of neuro divergent children.  In my honest opinion, and also backed by research, there is nothing wrong with neuro divergent children.  We are in an evolution period with human beings and that is being shown to us through neuronal divergence.  I work with the mums to heal and look at their limiting beliefs, their trauma and core wounds so that they are then empowered to look at those decisions and beliefs and release what no longer serves them.  This, in my experience with my own children as well, then allows the child to step into who they are and what they are here to do, and not what others decide for them.  This in itself will release and reduce the neuro divergent symptoms which then in turn supports a much calmer happier home

What special ability do you wish you had to make your job easier?

Knowing when enough is enough can be a problem for me.  Knowing when I have done all that I can for the day and putting it down.  I have ended up in burn out because of this, but it is another layer of understanding why we run this belief.

If you could invite three fictional characters to help you plan your next project, who would you choose, and why?

Professor Xavier (Charles Xavier) from X-Men

Why: As a powerful telepath and mentor to young mutants, Professor Xavier understands the challenges of nurturing and guiding individuals with unique abilities. His expertise in creating safe, supportive environments and his empathetic approach to understanding and developing each child’s potential would be invaluable.

He can offer insights into creating tailored support systems for neurodiverse children and provide tools for mums to enhance their children’s unique gifts.

Mary Poppins

Why: Known for her magical abilities and nurturing nature, Mary Poppins brings a blend of practical wisdom and enchantment. Her approach to child-rearing with a touch of magic and deep understanding of each child’s needs can be incredibly inspiring.

She can teach creative parenting techniques that incorporate fun and imagination, helping mums connect with their children on a deeper level while maintaining structure and discipline.

Hermione Granger from Harry Potter

Why: Hermione’s intelligence, resourcefulness, and dedication to knowledge make her an excellent role model for both mums and children. Her experience in overcoming societal expectations and embracing her unique strengths can inspire empowerment and resilience.

She can provide educational resources and strategies for mums to support their children’s learning in unconventional ways, encouraging curiosity and self-confidence.