Desi Christou

Desi Christou is a Mindset Coach and a Business Skills Trainer striving to empower women to overcome limitations and succeed in life and work, building confidence and resilience for career progression and developing a peace of mind and life satisfaction.

Before you became the business titan you are today, enlighten us about the thrilling adventures of your pre-business life.

Prior to becoming a Mindset Coach, I worked in TV Production for over 10 years, working my way up to TV Producer and working with many high-profile household names and TV personalities. Before that I studied Politics and History at university and was a typical student; cooking with friends, going to parties and trying to get myself to lectures on time!

Could you elaborate on the nature of your initiative/ business/current role, highlighting its purpose and the ways it benefits people?

My purpose is to empower people – in particular women – to overcome self-doubts, combat stress and anxiety, build resilience and confidence and live a happier and more fulfilling life, progressing careers and building businesses.

What has been the response of the users/consumers towards your venture?

People who I have coached have benefited tremendously – from developing an enduring peace of mind, to becoming more confident and empowered and taking steps forward towards greater achievements and success in life and business.

Having a strong support system is essential for your well-being. We would love to know who your biggest supporter is. Share with us and let’s celebrate the amazing people in our lives who make a positive impact.

My lovely girls are always championing me and my mission in life – which is to inspire and empower others. My sister is always there for me and my greatest support, and my dad encourages me in his own way. And of course, the legacy of my wonderful late mother who was my biggest inspiration in life. I carry her in my heart wherever I go.

As a young woman entrepreneur, what changes do you hope to see in the world and what opportunities are you seeking?

I want to see more women succeed – both professionally, personally and financially – to have that independence that perhaps previous generations of women did not have. For women to cultivate that inner strength, courage and resilience – to strive to achieve their goals, to not settle for second best and to realise their self-worth and value. The change always happens from within first and ripples outwards. I would love to see more women have greater opportunities and for the world to become a kinder and more compassionate place.

Women now stand shoulder-to-shoulder with men in the workplace, breaking through glass ceilings to reach the top. What are your thoughts on women’s leadership today?

Whilst many women have broken through the glass ceiling across many industries, there are still few women who are in positions of power – whether in business or politics. Things are changing slowly but there are many instances on where women who do the same jobs as men get paid less, purely because of their gender. This inequality needs to stop.

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