Rob is a Personal Development Coach and Hypnotherapist.

How do you balance your work responsibilities with your personal life while managing your own business?

Work-Life Balance is an important factor when running your own business. I manage this through planning the tasks that I need to complete each week. I prefer to not work to strict schedules as I also have children and life doesn’t always play to a schedule so the rule is simply that the tasks get done. Also it helps that I enjoy what I do so it doesn’t really feel like work.

When faced with unexpected hurdles in your business, how do you stay strong?

I see hurdles as challenges and realistically life would be boring without them. Challenges keep us alert and also often help us to define new paths that we may not have thought of before. Without challenges there would be no innovation.

How do you determine the success of your business beyond financial metrics, focusing on factors like customer satisfaction and community impact?

The main factor I determine my business success on is the satisfaction of my clients. I am delivering them the value and the results I have promised.

Can you recount a pivotal moment in your business journey where you saw remarkable growth or witnessed a transformative change, showcasing the impact of your products or services?

There have probably been a few. The one would definitely have been the transformation of existing workbooks into a format that is now available for anybody to purchase on Amazon. The basic idea behind the books is “Its like having a life coach in your pocket”. The second one would be being interviewed on a National Radio Show. Every small business when starting out struggles to get its name out there and to build trust and credibility and being able to showcase this really delivers super social proof to potential clients.

In your view, how crucial is mentorship for the success of small businesses, and how have mentors influenced your own entrepreneurial path?

Mentorship is important and it is good to have a sounding board. When  you run your own business and are starting out you are all in one. You are the CEO, Board of Directors, CFO, Marketing Manager, Sales person, Customer Service and the person doing the job. This can be a massive learning curve and having someone to bounce ideas off of or get advice from is a massive help. Ideally at some point you would want to hand off some of these responsibilities to the professionals.

What is your business focused on, and how does it contribute to making a positive difference in the world?

ReAmbition Coaching is focused on Personal Development Coaching and the vision is the provide people with the internal resources and tools they need to be able to live their best and most fulfilled life. This is done through a holistic coaching approach that incorporates methods from the world of NLP, CBT, REBT, Transformation Coaching and Hypnotherapy.

What special ability do you wish you had to make your job easier?

The ability to instantly be recognized as a market expert.

If you could invite three fictional characters to help you plan your next project, who would you choose, and why?

Gandalf from Lord of the Rings for his patience and wisdom. Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones as she is persistent, adaptable, compassionate and strong when needed. Samwise for his undeniable loyalty, honesty and ethics.