Shari Lueck

Shari Lueck is a Transformational Leadership Coach and Mentor. 

She tells us that, “I’m not your typical life coach or business strategist. I’m a rebel soul igniter, a transformational leader, and a master of turning pain into power. My journey has been a wild ride of shattering glass ceilings, surviving rock bottom, and rising from the ashes more times than I can count.

I’ve walked through the fires of abandonment, abuse, addiction, and even attempts to end my own life. But through every dark night of the soul, I’ve emerged stronger, wiser, and more determined to help others alchemize their pain into purpose.

In the corporate world, I defied the odds and sold $140M in tech hardware and software. But my true calling was always to guide fellow rebels and misfits to unleash their untamed potential and create lives and businesses that set their souls on fire.

Today, I’m the creator of the Rebel Soul Method, a transformative approach to healing, personal growth, and entrepreneurial success. I combine my decades of experience with cutting-edge techniques in neuroscience, psychology, rapid resolution therapy, and NLP to help my clients shatter limitations, rewrite their stories, and quantum leap into their highest potential.

I’ve helped thousands of high-achieving rebels break free from the golden handcuffs of corporate success and build heart-centered businesses that generate wealth, impact, and freedom. I’m not here to play small or follow the rules. I’m here to disrupt the status quo and empower you to do the same.

If you’re ready to stop settling for a life that doesn’t light you up, to heal the wounds of your past, and to unleash the rebel visionary within, I’m your guide. Together, we’ll uncover the hidden codes to your authentic identity, reprogram your subconscious mind for success, and create a reality beyond your wildest dreams.

Midlife isn’t a crisis. It’s a chrysalis. It’s time to embrace your metamorphosis, spread your wings, and soar. Let’s ignite your rebel soul and show the world what you’re really made of.”

Tell us about your life before the venture/ leading up to your venture?

My journey has been a tapestry of triumph and tragedy, woven together by the threads of resilience, rebellion, and reinvention. From a young age, I learned that life wasn’t always fair or kind. At 17, I found myself abandoned by my mother, left to navigate the world on my own. I faced homelessness, abuse, and the heavy weight of feeling unwanted and unworthy.

But even in my darkest moments, a flicker of hope refused to be extinguished. I climbed the corporate ladder, shattering glass ceilings and selling $140M in tech hardware and software. I had achieved the American Dream, but inside, I felt empty and unfulfilled.

My personal life was a roller coaster of toxic relationships, addiction, and a constant battle with my own demons. I hit rock bottom more times than I care to count, even attempting to end my life when the pain felt too heavy to bear.

But each time I fell, I rose again, stronger and more determined than before. I sought healing through therapy, personal development, and a deep dive into the realms of psychology, neuroscience, and spirituality. I became a certified NLP practitioner, a rapid resolution therapist, and a trauma-informed coach.

As I healed my own wounds, I discovered my true calling: to help others transmute their pain into purpose and create lives of boundless joy, abundance, and impact. I walked away from the corporate world and founded my own coaching business, armed with the hard-won wisdom of my past and an unshakable commitment to my clients’ transformation.

But the journey of entrepreneurship was not without its challenges. I made mistakes, faced setbacks, and had to confront the limiting beliefs and fears that had held me back for so long. Yet, with each obstacle, I grew stronger, more resilient, and more deeply connected to my mission.

Today, I stand before you as the proud creator of the Rebel Soul Method, a powerful approach to personal and professional transformation that has helped thousands of high-achieving individuals break free from the chains of their past and create lives and businesses that set their souls on fire.

My life has been a testament to the power of the human spirit, to the incredible resilience and potential that lies within each of us. And now, I’m here to help you unlock that potential, to guide you through the fires of transformation and into the life of your wildest dreams.

Because if there’s one thing I know for certain, it’s that your mess can become your message, your pain can become your power, and your darkest nights can give way to the brightest dawns. All it takes is the courage to rebel against the status quo, to trust in your own inner wisdom, and to take that first step towards the life you were truly meant to live.

Tell us something about your organization. What is it about and how is it helpful for people?

In my coaching practice, I empower high-achieving individuals to break free from the limitations of their past, unlock their true potential, and create lives and businesses that align with their deepest passions and values. Through the Rebel Soul Method, a powerful blend of cutting-edge techniques in psychology, neuroscience, NLP, and rapid resolution therapy, I help my clients transform their mindset, heal their wounds, and take bold action towards their dreams.

Here are a few key reasons why my approach is so effective:

  1. Customized strategies: I tailor my coaching to each individual’s unique needs, challenges, and goals, ensuring that every client receives the personalized support and guidance they need to thrive.
  2. Comprehensive approach: By addressing both the conscious and subconscious mind, I help my clients create lasting, transformative change from the inside out.
  3. Proven techniques: I draw upon a wide range of evidence-based practices and cutting-edge tools to help my clients overcome obstacles, reprogram limiting beliefs, and cultivate unshakable confidence and resilience.
  4. Real-world experience: As someone who has navigated the heights of corporate success and the depths of personal struggle, I bring a wealth of hard-won wisdom and practical insight to every coaching relationship.
  5. Unwavering commitment: I am fiercely dedicated to my clients’ success and well-being, and I go above and beyond to support them every step of the way.

If you’re ready to break free from the patterns of your past, unlock your unlimited potential, and create a life and business that sets your soul on fire, I’m here to help. Through the Rebel Soul Method, you’ll gain the clarity, confidence, and courage you need to transform your dreams into reality and make a profound impact on the world.

What has been the response of the consumers towards your venture?

Throughout my journey, I’ve been honored to receive recognition for my work and my impact. My bestselling book, “My Skeletons Have Names,” has touched the lives of countless readers, offering hope, healing, and a powerful reminder that our stories have the power to transform not only our own lives but the lives of others as well.

In “My Skeletons Have Names,” I vulnerably share my own story of triumph over tragedy, offering a raw and honest look at the challenges I’ve faced and the hard-won lessons I’ve learned along the way. Through my words, I aim to inspire readers to embrace their own stories, to find strength in their struggles, and to use their experiences as a catalyst for growth and transformation.

My work has also been featured on major media outlets, including ABC, CBS, FOX, and Thrive Global. These platforms have allowed me to share my message with a wider audience, to spark important conversations about mental health, resilience, and the power of the human spirit.

But more than any external recognition, I am most proud of the impact I’ve had on the lives of my clients and readers. Every day, I am honored to witness the incredible transformations that unfold when individuals dare to embrace their rebel soul, to shatter the limitations of their past, and to step into the fullness of their potential.

As a coach, author, and speaker, my mission is to empower others to do the same. To offer a guiding light in the darkness, a hand to hold in the midst of struggle, and a reminder that no matter how difficult the journey may be, there is always hope on the horizon.

How has your life changed because of your venture?

The impact of my work extends far beyond the realm of business and professional success. As I’ve grown and evolved on this journey of entrepreneurship and personal transformation, I’ve witnessed profound shifts in every area of my life.

My marriage, once strained by the weight of my unhealed wounds and limiting beliefs, has blossomed into a partnership built on love, trust, and unwavering support. As I’ve learned to love and accept myself fully, I’ve become more present, more compassionate, and more deeply connected to my spouse. Together, we’ve cultivated a relationship that is not only strong but truly meaningful – a sacred bond that nourishes our souls and uplifts our spirits.

My relationship with my adult children has also undergone a beautiful transformation. As I’ve healed the wounds of my past and broken free from the cycles of trauma and pain, I’ve become a more loving, attentive, and emotionally available parent. Today, our connection is rooted in mutual respect, open communication, and a deep appreciation for the unique individuals they have become. Watching them grow and thrive, pursuing their passions and creating lives of purpose and meaning, has been one of the greatest joys of my life.

This journey of healing and growth has also allowed me to dissolve the old scar tissue that once held me back. Through a combination of therapy, mindset work, and spiritual practice, I’ve learned to release the pain of my past, to forgive myself and others, and to embrace the fullness of my being. As the layers of hurt and fear have fallen away, I’ve discovered a newfound sense of peace, clarity, and inner strength that permeates every aspect of my life.

Perhaps one of the most unexpected and beautiful transformations has been in my relationship with my father. For years, our connection was strained by unresolved hurt and misunderstandings. But as I’ve done the deep work of healing and self-discovery, I’ve come to see my father through new eyes – as a complex, imperfect human being who has faced his own struggles and challenges. Today, we share a bond of love, forgiveness, and mutual respect that I once thought impossible.

As I reflect on the incredible changes I’ve experienced, both personally and professionally, I am filled with a profound sense of gratitude and awe. This journey of entrepreneurship and personal growth has not only transformed my business and my finances but has touched every corner of my life, creating a ripple effect of love, healing, and positive change.

And now, it is my greatest honor and privilege to guide others on their own path of transformation – to help them heal their wounds, unleash their rebel soul, and create lives of boundless joy, meaning, and prosperity. Because I know firsthand that when we dare to do the deep work of self-discovery and self-love, when we have the courage to shatter the limitations of our past and step into our true power, anything becomes possible.

What are you working on right now?

Right now, I’m thrilled to be working on several exciting projects that are designed to empower and transform the lives of fellow rebel souls and high-achieving misfits.

First and foremost, I’m launching an exclusive mastermind for individuals who, like me, think fast, speak directly, and refuse to settle for a life that doesn’t set their soul on fire. This intimate, high-level group is a sacred space for rebels and visionaries to come together, share their wisdom, and support each other on the journey of personal and professional growth. Together, we’ll dive deep into the mindset, strategies, and spiritual practices that are essential for creating lives and businesses that are wildly successful, deeply fulfilling, and unapologetically authentic.

In addition to the mastermind, I’m also preparing to launch a powerful masterclass called “Release Your Limiting Beliefs in 20 Minutes.” This transformative program is designed to help participants identify and overcome the subconscious beliefs and patterns that are holding them back from achieving their full potential. Through a combination of cutting-edge techniques in psychology, neuroscience, and energy work, I’ll guide students through a profound process of mental and emotional liberation, empowering them to break free from the chains of their past and step into a future of boundless possibility.

But that’s not all. I’m also excited to announce the upcoming release of another groundbreaking program: “The Identity Code.” This immersive course is a deep dive into the art and science of personal transformation, designed to help individuals unlock the full power of their unique identity and create lives and businesses that are truly aligned with their deepest values and desires. Through a series of powerful exercises, meditations, and real-world applications, participants will learn how to reprogram their subconscious mind, cultivate unshakable confidence and resilience, and tap into the limitless potential that lies within.

At the heart of all of these offerings is a single, unwavering commitment: to empower rebel souls and high-achieving misfits to shatter the limitations of their past, unleash their untamed potential, and create lives and businesses that are a true reflection of their most authentic, powerful, and radiant selves.

Because I know firsthand that when we dare to embrace our rebel spirit, when we have the courage to defy convention and follow the call of our soul, we become an unstoppable force for positive change – not just in our own lives, but in the world around us.

So if you’re ready to join the revolution, to unleash your inner rebel and create a life and business that sets your soul on fire, I invite you to take the first step. Whether you’re called to join the mastermind, enroll in a masterclass, or simply connect with me for a heart-to-heart conversation, know that I am here to support you every step of the way.

Give a motivational message for the audience/women who are reading this.

To all the incredible women reading this article, I want to share a message that comes straight from my heart to yours. It’s a message about the power of self-awareness and the transformative potential of radical responsibility.

For far too long, we’ve been taught to ignore our intuition and internal guidance system. We’ve been conditioned to silence the whispers of our soul, to push down our deepest desires, and to conform to a life that others have dictated for us. But here’s the truth, beautiful: your intuition is your superpower. It’s the compass that will guide you towards your highest purpose and your most authentic self.

When we learn to listen to that inner voice again, when we cultivate the courage to trust our own wisdom and follow the path of our own desires, something incredible begins to happen. We start to shed the layers of BS that have been weighing us down – the limiting beliefs, the self-doubt, the fear of judgment and rejection. We begin to peel back the masks that we’ve been wearing to please others, and we discover the radiant, powerful, and unapologetically authentic woman that has been waiting to emerge.

But this journey of self-discovery requires more than just awareness; it demands radical responsibility. It asks us to take ownership of our lives, our choices, and our outcomes. It challenges us to confront the ways in which we’ve been holding ourselves back, playing small, and settling for less than we deserve. It invites us to step into our power, to claim our desires, and to become the architects of our own destiny.

This path of radical responsibility is not for the faint of heart. It requires courage, vulnerability, and a willingness to face the shadows of our past and the uncertainty of our future. But I promise you this, gorgeous: on the other side of that discomfort lies a life that is richer, deeper, and more fulfilling than you ever dared to imagine.

When you learn to trust your intuition, when you cultivate the bravery to follow your true desires, and when you take radical responsibility for your own healing and growth, you become an unstoppable force of nature. You tap into a wellspring of creativity, resilience, and joy that will carry you through even the darkest of times. You become a beacon of light for others, inspiring them to embrace their own unique brilliance and step into their own power.

So if you’re reading this today, know that I see you. I honor you. And I believe in you. Your journey of self-awareness and radical responsibility may not be easy, but it will be worth it. Every step you take towards your own healing and growth, every act of courage and self-love, is a victory to be celebrated.

And remember, you are not alone on this path. There is a community of rebel souls and heart-centered visionaries who are walking alongside you, cheering you on, and holding space for your transformation. Together, we are rising. Together, we are creating a new paradigm of feminine power and leadership.

So take a deep breath, beautiful. Trust your intuition. Embrace your desires. And step into the radiant, powerful, and unapologetically authentic woman you were always meant to be. The world is waiting for your magic. It’s time to let it shine.

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