Shreya Mehta

Shreya Mehta is a Talent Acquisition Partner AND Professional Growth Coach.

Shreya is a recruiter and a coach helping professionals incorporate branding. She is a keynote speaker passionate about public speaking, leadership and career transformation. With years of experience in recruiting and coaching in global markets like India US, Shreya has worked with companies like Amazon Microsoft TikTok. 

Shreya has helped several corporate to successfully handle employee engagement and leadership success while working with individuals from the professional crowd and guard discovery, all while multiplying their streams of income. 

An MBA from Seattle University USA, Shreya spends her time in Client workshops, keynote speeches, books, and mountains.

What were your initial years of growing up like? Tell us about your life before starting your professional journey and what inspired you to choose this career.

I like carving my path rather than just following people blindly. I have changed careers, moved cities and countries, tried different industries; all of this with one thing being constant: perseverance. 

Growing up, my early years were filled with curiosity and a thirst for learning. I am fortunate to have a supportive family environment that encourages exploration and education.

My initial years of growing up were shaped by a strong emphasis on education and kindness in my family. We prioritized studies and being a good human being from an early age. Making decisions was encouraged as long as they aligned with these values. My parents and siblings provided more than they could to give me the life I have. And early on they titled me as insurgent: My 2 tattoos and a cartilage piercing are tangible examples of.

After completing my initial education in my hometown of Chittorgarh, Rajasthan, I spent 2 years at MGD hostel and then moved to Mumbai, where my dreams were beginning to take shape, and my rebellious nature of wanting things was paying off. NEVER FORGETTING TO BE KIND. 

My family lives by the idea “what you give comes back, sooner and faster”

As I progressed through my education and gained practical experience, I discovered a deep-seated passion for helping others grow too. Recruiting and Coaching resonated with me because it allowed me to combine empathy, communication and technical skills, with my desire to bring “Women Education” and “Financial independence” to everyone’s attention AGAIN! I found fulfillment in seeing more independent women, financially and emotionally and it became clear that this was the path where I could make a difference.

My journey towards this career began with a passion for helping others and a desire to make a positive impact in people’s lives. I was inspired by mentors and role models who demonstrated resilience, empathy, and a commitment to serving their communities. Their influence, combined with my own experiences and values, guided me towards a career where I could contribute meaningfully to society.

I am grateful for the opportunities and support that have led me to where I am today, and I am excited to continue growing and making an impact in my chosen field.

Was there any turning point in your life that changed your journey? If so, what was it? Please tell us the backstory behind it.

Yes, feeling stuck and helpless – financially and emotionally. When I moved to the USA, I was amidst a whirlwind of emotions, starting on a new life yet facing a bucketful of challenges. As a trailing spouse, I was “EXPECTING” life to unfold in a certain way, but it turned out vastly different. This became a turning point for me – my happy bubble burst once again. I stood up for myself and started anew. I needed support, which I received from a few, while others merely glanced my way.

I’ve always been a dependent person, but I only realized the extent of it when I landed in the US with zero support and, of course, no family. My biggest mistake was shouldering my partner with all responsibilities for the first six months – both financially and emotionally. Much changed once I made friends, got my MBA and was identified as more than just someone’s wife. 

Hardships either teach you or punish you. Sometimes, the choice is yours to make.

Tell us about your goals, interests, and role models.

When it comes to my goals, interests, and role models, I’m deeply passionate about creating a supportive environment for women and immigrants, where they don’t feel unsupported or trapped, as I once did. I aspire to be accessible to anyone with the right questions, a vision, and a thirst for life. What truly fascinates me is the intersection of passion and purpose in life. I’m propelled by the “WHY” before the “HOW” – why am I here, why have I been given this voice, why am I privileged? I find fulfillment in seeking these answers to shape my purpose and guide my actions in life.

Undoubtedly, my parents are my biggest role models. They navigated through life’s challenges shaped by societal norms, family dynamics, financial constraints, and more, yet they made the most of every situation. I aim to embody their resilience – to focus on maximizing my potential rather than dwelling on limitations. While I do harbor desires for financial stability, travel, and indulging in luxury goods, these wants are not my driving force. My upbringing has instilled in me the value of mastering situations rather than being enslaved by them.

Now in their late 60s and early 70s, my parents continue to inspire me daily. My mother, a dedicated teacher, extends her expertise beyond the Jain Gurukul, traveling to impart knowledge while managing her roles as a full-time mom and wife. Meanwhile, my father, at 68, remains active in establishing new businesses and embracing new learning opportunities alongside my brother. 

Their unwavering commitment and adaptability exemplify true resilience, serving as a constant source of motivation for me.

Everyone has their own set of challenges when starting an entrepreneurial journey. Still, the most essential part for others to learn is how you deal with those. Would you like to share with us your challenges and your coping mechanisms?

Certainly! Starting an entrepreneurial journey is filled with challenges, and how you deal with them can define your success. Here are some of the challenges I’ve faced and the coping mechanisms I’ve used:

Financial Uncertainty: One of the biggest challenges was managing financial uncertainty, especially in the initial stages. To cope with this, I created a detailed budget and financial plan. I also sought advice from financial mentors and ensured I had a backup plan in case of emergencies 

Building a Network: As an immigrant and woman entrepreneur, building a supportive network was crucial but challenging. I joined networking groups, attended events, and leveraged social media platforms to connect with like-minded individuals. Building genuine relationships has been key to overcoming this challenge.

Overcoming Self-Doubt: Self-doubt and fear of failure are common among entrepreneurs. To combat this, I practiced self-care and mindfulness techniques. I also sought support from mentors and peers, who provided guidance and encouragement.

I also stopped looking at “MY PEOPLE” for support. Sometimes we forget that our community is also human and they might and might not understand the challenges as they are not a part of it. Forgive and move on. 

My coping mechanisms involved a combination of planning, seeking support, staying adaptable, and maintaining a positive mindset. Each challenge provided an opportunity for growth and learning, and overcoming them has made me more resilient as an entrepreneur.

What impact do you feel you have been able to create with your work so far and how would you want to grow in the next few years?

Reflecting on the impact of my work, I feel I have made significant strides in creating a supportive environment for women and immigrants. Here are some specific areas where I’ve seen positive outcomes:

Empowerment and Support: By creating spaces where women and immigrants feel heard and supported, I’ve helped many individuals gain confidence and find their footing in new environments. Through mentorship and community-building efforts, I’ve facilitated networks that provide emotional and practical support.

Resource Accessibility: I’ve worked on making essential resources more accessible to those who need them. This includes information on job search resources, community, and career-related matters, which can often be daunting for newcomers. By simplifying and disseminating this information, I’ve enabled many to navigate their new lives more effectively.

Personal Growth and Development: On a personal level, I’ve seen significant growth among those I’ve mentored and worked with. Many have moved on to start their own businesses, pursue higher education, or take on leadership roles, inspired by the support and guidance they’ve received.

Looking ahead to the next few years, my goals for growth include:

  1. Expanding Reach: I aim to expand my support network to reach a larger audience. This could involve leveraging online platforms to create virtual communities and resources that can be accessed globally.
  2. Building Partnerships: Forming partnerships with other organizations, both nonprofit and for-profit, can amplify the impact of my work. Collaborating with like-minded entities will help in pooling resources and expertise to support women and immigrants more effectively.

By focusing on these areas, I hope to build on the impact I’ve already made and continue to contribute positively to the lives of women and immigrants, fostering a more inclusive and supportive world.

Would you like to share with our young budding women entrepreneurs the change you would like to see in the world if given an opportunity?

Absolutely! To all the young budding women entrepreneurs out there, here’s the change I would like to see in the world, and how you can contribute to making it happen:

Equal Opportunities: I envision a world where all women have equal opportunities to pursue their dreams and aspirations, without barriers or discrimination based on gender. As young entrepreneurs, you can challenge stereotypes, break down barriers, and create pathways for other women to follow.

Inclusive Entrepreneurship: I want to see a world where entrepreneurship is inclusive of diverse voices and perspectives. Your businesses can lead the way in creating inclusive workplaces, embracing diversity, and promoting equity in entrepreneurship.

Social Impact: I hope for a world where businesses prioritize social impact alongside profitability. As young entrepreneurs, you have the power to create businesses that not only succeed financially but also contribute positively to your communities and the world at large.

Empowerment and Mentorship: I want to see more women supporting and empowering each other. As you build your businesses, remember to mentor and uplift other women entrepreneurs. Share your knowledge, experiences, and networks to help others succeed.

Remember, each of you has the power to contribute to these changes in your own unique way. Embrace your strengths, stay resilient in the face of challenges, and always strive to create a positive impact with your entrepreneurial journey. Together, we can build a brighter, more inclusive future for women entrepreneurs worldwide

Women are a growing force in the workplaces worldwide, standing shoulder to shoulder with their male counterparts. There are cracks in glass ceilings everywhere, with many women breaking through to carve out a space right at the top of the pyramid. What are your thoughts about women’s leadership today?

Women’s leadership today is a powerful force driving positive change in workplaces worldwide. It is not only essential for achieving gender equality but also for driving innovation, enhancing organizational performance, and creating more inclusive and equitable workplaces. As more women continue to rise to leadership positions, the benefits will extend far beyond individual organizations, shaping a more just and prosperous future for all.

Empathy and Collaboration: Women leaders often excel in empathy, collaboration, and relationship-building, which are essential for fostering inclusive and supportive work environments. They tend to prioritize team cohesion and personal growth, creating spaces where everyone can thrive.

Breaking Barriers: Women leaders are breaking through glass ceilings and challenging traditional norms that have historically excluded women from top leadership positions. Their success inspires future generations of women to pursue their career aspirations without limitations.

Role Models and Mentors: Women in leadership serve as role models and mentors, providing guidance and support to other women in their careers. They actively mentor and sponsor other women, helping to cultivate the next generation of leaders.

Global Influence: Women leaders are making a global impact, influencing policies and practices that advance gender equality and women’s rights on a global scale. Their leadership contributes to more inclusive economic growth and sustainable development.

With your grit and determination, you are making a considerable impact, breaking through, and serving as role models for many budding entrepreneurs. What would you want to say to our young women leaders/audience reading this?

Take charge of your life. Start now; do not wait for things to happen, just start building it. Everyone learns from their own experiences and mistakes, but also read and learn from others’ journeys. Work on acquiring more skills, being present, networking, and maintaining relationships that lead you to success.

There is no one mantra for success, but follow this: “I KNOW WHAT I AM CAPABLE OF AND I WILL NOT STOP UNTIL I GET THERE.”  Repeat that!!!