Michael D. Levitt

Michael D. Levitt is a global thought leader on HR, burnout, and workplace culture, a CBT and NLP therapist, a Top 50 Global Thought Leader and Influencer on Health and Wellness 2023, a sought-after keynote speaker and executive coach, a published author of several books, and the host of the Breakfast Leadership Show, a Top 20 global podcast for thought leadership by Thinkers360.

What were your initial years of growing up like? Tell us about your life before starting your corporate journey/venture/initiative.

Ah, the early years, the foundation upon which the skyscraper of life is built! Well, my upbringing was quite wholesome, nestled in the heart of a small town where everyone knew everyone. Growing up, I was blessed with a supportive family who instilled in me the values of hard work, integrity, and compassion.

Before embarking on my journey into the corporate world and delving into the realm of entrepreneurship, I was a curious young lad, always eager to explore and learn. My childhood was filled with adventures, both big and small, from building forts in the backyard to exploring the wonders of nature in our local parks.

Education played a pivotal role during my formative years, shaping my curiosity and igniting my passion for knowledge. I was fortunate to have teachers who not only imparted wisdom but also encouraged creativity and critical thinking.

As I transitioned into adulthood, I carried with me the lessons learned from my upbringing and the experiences that shaped me. Little did I know that these early years would lay the groundwork for the corporate journey and ventures that awaited me in the years to come.

Tell us something about your initiative or current role. What is it about, and what impact are you trying to make?

In my current role as the founder of the Breakfast Leadership Network, I am deeply committed to tackling the pervasive issues of burnout, workplace culture, and retention that plague so many organizations today. Through my extensive experience in HR, coaching, and thought leadership, I’ve witnessed firsthand the toll that burnout takes on individuals and businesses alike.

My initiative is all about helping organizations create environments where employees can thrive, not just survive. By providing tailored consulting services, workshops, and resources, we empower leaders to cultivate cultures of well-being, resilience, and engagement. Ultimately, my goal is to make a meaningful impact by reducing burnout rates, fostering healthier workplaces, and enhancing overall productivity and satisfaction for everyone involved.

Together, we can transform workplaces into spaces where people feel valued, supported, and inspired to do their best work each day. That’s the kind of impact I’m striving to make, one organization at a time.

Your journey and your vision are very inspiring, but are there any achievements or accomplishments you would like to mention?

I’ve had the privilege of making a meaningful impact in the realm of HR, burnout, and workplace culture. Some accomplishments that stand out include:

Authorship: I’m proud to have authored several books, including “Burnout Proof,” which has helped countless individuals and organizations navigate the challenges of burnout and cultivate healthier work environments.

Keynote Speaking: Having the opportunity to share insights and strategies through keynote speaking engagements has been incredibly fulfilling. Whether addressing audiences large or small, I strive to inspire and empower others to prioritize well-being and foster resilience.

Executive Coaching: Through my executive coaching services, I’ve had the privilege of guiding leaders toward greater success and fulfillment in both their professional and personal lives. Witnessing their growth and transformation is truly rewarding.

Podcast Hosting: Hosting the “Breakfast Leadership Show” podcast has allowed me to amplify diverse voices and perspectives, sparking meaningful conversations around topics like leadership, productivity, and work-life balance.

Consulting: As the founder of the Breakfast Leadership Network, I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with organizations worldwide, offering tailored consulting services to address burnout, improve workplace culture, and enhance employee retention.

These achievements represent just a snapshot of my journey, and I’m deeply grateful for the opportunity to continue making a positive impact in the lives of others.

Would you like to share with our young budding women entrepreneurs the change you would like to see in the world if given an opportunity?

As a firm believer in empowering and uplifting women entrepreneurs, I envision a world where every young woman with an entrepreneurial spirit is given equal opportunities to thrive and succeed. My passion lies in creating a supportive and inclusive environment where women can unleash their full potential and make their mark on the business world.

If given the opportunity, I would advocate for systemic changes that address the unique challenges faced by women entrepreneurs. This includes breaking down barriers to access funding, providing mentorship and support networks, and promoting gender diversity in leadership positions. Additionally, I would champion initiatives that foster a culture of confidence and resilience among young women, encouraging them to pursue their dreams fearlessly and boldly.

Ultimately, my goal is to see a future where gender equality is not just a buzzword, but a lived reality in the entrepreneurial landscape. By amplifying the voices and talents of young women entrepreneurs, we can drive meaningful change and build a brighter, more inclusive future for all.

Women are a growing force in the workplaces worldwide, standing shoulder to shoulder with their male counterparts. There are cracks in glass ceilings everywhere, with many women breaking through to carve out a space right at the top of the pyramid. What are your thoughts about women leadership today?

The rise of women in leadership positions is not just a trend; it’s a seismic shift reshaping the landscape of workplaces globally. Women bring unique perspectives, strengths, and talents to the table, enriching the fabric of organizational culture and driving innovation. As we continue to break down barriers and challenge outdated stereotypes, we create environments where everyone, regardless of gender, can thrive and lead authentically. It’s not just about diversity for diversity’s sake; it’s about harnessing the full spectrum of human potential to create more inclusive, dynamic, and successful organizations. Let’s celebrate and support women leaders as they continue to inspire and pave the way for future generations.

What would you want to say to our young women leaders/audience reading this?

To all the young women leaders out there, I want you to know how incredibly powerful you are. You have within you the strength, the intelligence, and the determination to achieve anything you set your mind to. Don’t let anyone or anything hold you back from pursuing your dreams and goals. Embrace your unique perspective and talents, and never doubt the value you bring to the table. Surround yourself with mentors and allies who support and uplift you, and never be afraid to speak up and advocate for yourself and others. Remember, you are capable of greatness, and the world needs your leadership now more than ever. Keep shining bright and inspiring those around you.