Anise Frost

Anise Frost tells us that, “I believe that connection and clarity can allow us to be the best version of ourselves. I have studied human behaviour for 3 decades now and the only way to become aware of ourselves is to have access to a source of reflection, be that a person or a journal. We can become aware by externalising our inner stories in speech or in writing. Both allow the unseen to become seen.”

Before you became the business titan you are today, enlighten us about the thrilling adventures of your pre-business life.

Before starting my bespoke coaching company, I was in education teaching maths to senior students. I am a mother of two teenagers. I have lived abroad for a lot of my life and have a broad perspective of humanity.

Could you elaborate on the nature of your initiative/ business/current role, highlighting its purpose and the ways it benefits people?

I only work with a handful of female leaders at one time. I give them access to me at ALL times. 

They benefit from having someone totally committed to their well being and business ventures. 

They have someone at the end of the phone who has no agenda apart from to listen, coach, counsel and counter. 

To have someone who is their dedicated creative thought partner to brainstorm with, and who asks the questions that stop them in their tracks and gives an opportunity for fresh innovation.

Who has time to be there as their cheerleader and devils advocate, who reflects back their inner stories and then aligns with their values and goals. 

Their lives are no longer full of uncertainty and anxiety, triggered responses and stress. It is doubt free, confident, full of clarity and joy.

After every call they stride away invigorated, inspired, informed and with a bounce and fight for the day.

What has been the response of the users/consumers towards your venture? 

My clients know that without me in their lives, doing their job and holding the multitude of responsibilities would feel unbearable. With me they can flex into the roles with ease and  contentment.

Having a strong support system is essential for your well-being. We would love to know who your biggest supporter is. Share with us and let’s celebrate the amazing people in our lives who make a positive impact.

My family is my biggest support.

As a young woman entrepreneur, what changes do you hope to see in the world and what opportunities are you seeking?

For women to be comfortable in their own skin, courageous and emotionally intelligent.

Women now stand shoulder-to-shoulder with men in the workplace, breaking through glass ceilings to reach the top. What are your thoughts on women’s leadership today?

To lean into being courageous, vulnerable and strong leaders.

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