Combining Intuitive Healing and Branding To Help Women Entrepreneurs Grow

Meet Cecilia Tement & Cheryl Geonanga, Co-founders at Soulful Intuitive Branding, a platform that helps heart-based entrepreneurs to show up powerfully with passion and purpose by helping them to heal, brand, and market all-in-one!

From trauma to healing, Cecilia Tement and Cheryl Geonanga took their journeys together with Soulful Intuitive Branding. Cecilia is a Transformational Coach, Energy Healer, and Spiritual Channel who helps people tap into their inner magic and release their old life stories to live a free and authentic life. And Cheryl is an intuitive Branding Artist and Marketing Coach who uses organic and heart-based strategies to help people magnetize their clients. They take a deep dive into what’s holding the entrepreneurs back from embracing their businesses. 

Both of them had a traumatic upbringing, which was a connecting point for them. Cecilia grew up with an abusive father and suffered from anxiety, depression, and even attempted suicide. She would often get hit and yelled at whenever she tried to intervene when her father used to hit her mother. It was difficult, but she confronted him and eventually forgave him. Now they have a normal and strong relationship built on trust and forgiveness. In her book called ‘If I Could, I Would – A Child’s Journey From Abuse To Hope,’ she has shared her story, which she uses to inspire clients to heal, transform, inspire and find their authentic selves.
Cecilia has worked with abused women and children in trauma for 18 years. She began her healing journey by reconciling with her father and later became a Master Coach and Reiki Healer. Next, she joined forces with Cheryl to support businesswomen in their emotional and business growth. 

Cheryl too grew up in an abusive situation at home where she was physically, emotionally, and sexually abused. It affected her mental health until she finally decided to get out of the vicious circle. She was determined to learn, grow and invest in programs, quit her job to do what she loves, and finally learn to love herself. She worked in marketing and advertising for 7 years, creating advertising campaigns for many well-known brands. When her job didn’t align with her goals any longer, she knew it was time to leave for greater things. 

But how did they come together to start Soulful Intuitive Branding, you ask? Well, when Cecilia began coaching healing to her clients, she would refer them to Cheryl for branding. After several referrals, they decided to combine their skills and start a venture together to help women entrepreneurs. They started Soulful Intuitive Branding in December 2020 and have reached the sales target of 87K in less than a year. “They have helped to change lives, elevate confidence, align energy and teach women entrepreneurs business structure that works for them to create ease and flow.

Elaborating on the concept behind the organization, they say, “We provide group programs and individual coaching to help women to scale their businesses authentically and organically through sales structure, content creation, personal transformation, and intentional action.” They are helping women change their lives and the way they do business to serve the clients to the best. 

Cecilia and Cheryl take failures as feedback for our learning and deeper understanding. They believe that every opportunity is a chance for self-realization and reflection. Throughout this journey, they have learned the importance of deep and self abiding love and the need to develop, foster, and maintain it. Their personal motto is “You are the love that you seek and the light after the dark.

Soulful Intuitive Branding was launched during the pandemic and managed to grow despite it. While many other businesses were hanging by the thread, Cecilia and Cheryl helped women entrepreneurs navigate through the problems in their respective businesses and hit their own targets simultaneously. Leaving an inspiring message for their readers, they say, “No matter what you have been through, there is nothing that you cannot survive and thrive after. When you take your story and turn it into inspiration, you can not only change your life, but the lives of others. Believe in yourself fully and freely, and everything you want will be yours.