Valerie Martinelli

Valerie Martinelli tells us that, “I utilize strict time and calendar management strategies. I time block my calendar according to what I am doing- work or personal- and keep that time strictly as such. It helps me maintain the balance that I need and prioritize clients and my personal life.”

When faced with unexpected hurdles in your business, how do you stay strong?

It is important to remember that you are running a marathon- not a sprint. When preparing for a marathon, there will be good days and bad days, just like running a business. However, it’s important to remember how far you have come in your journey and remind yourself that you’re still going. To keep myself going, I love my gratitude journal, meditating, and my own coaches to help keep me strong and resilient.

How do you determine the success of your business beyond financial metrics, focusing on factors like customer satisfaction and community impact?

I determine the success of my business beyond financial metrics when considering how well my clients are doing and the impact I have had on their journey. Knowing that I can make a huge difference in their lives, professionally and personally, is important to me because it demonstrates the value and success of the services. 

Can you recount a pivotal moment in your business journey where you saw remarkable growth or witnessed a transformative change, showcasing the impact of your products or services?

I will never forget when one of my clients secured her first leadership role. This was a pivotal moment because she had the confidence in herself that she could do it. It was the transformative change and mindset shift she had been working for and it changed the course of her career. She thanked me when she was able to purchase her first home because the new job she secured with the salary increase. It also provided the space for her and her husband to start their family. That’s the kind of stuff that gets me out of bed each day because I know I can make a huge difference.

In your view, how crucial is mentorship for the success of small businesses, and how have mentors influenced your own entrepreneurial path?

Mentorship is absolutely crucial for the success of a small business. We can’t and won’t grow alone and it helps to have mentors and coaches to help the business owner achieve success. Mentors have influenced me greatly because I sought mentorship and coaching from starting to business all the way through to the present. It is important to ask for help when you need it. The thing about running a business is that you’re not going to be good at everything so you need mentors and coaches to help you with your blind spots to improve and grow the business.

What is your business focused on, and how does it contribute to making a positive difference in the world?

My business is focused on Career Leadership Coaching and Career Services, which helps mid and senior-level executives find their next role and seek advancement in their career while earning a salary increase between $15K-$60K+. It is making a positive difference in the world because I want professionals to find fulfillment and joy in their career, while earning an equitable salary so they can have a bright financial future.

What special ability do you wish you had to make your job easier?

If I could have one special ability that would make my job easier, it would be to fix the broken job search process. It would make life easier for my clients but I don’t have those powers!

If you could invite three fictional characters to help you plan your next project, who would you choose, and why?

I would choose Olivia Pope, Olivia Benson, and Wonder Woman because all 3 are fearless, inspirational no-nonsense women who know exactly how to get the job done- and do it right!