Dr. Celine Maria Mullins, CEO and Founder of “Adaptas” is a Psychologist, Coach and Learning Consultant working across Multinationals, SMEs, and Governmental and Educational agencies with over 15 years of experience. She believes that people are more likely to take on new learning and habit change if they are taught how to engage their body and brain fully in the process.

Mullins became intrigued by human behaviour at an early age when she began noticing the inconsistencies that occurred often in people’s behaviours and communication. This included family and friends, and also her own feelings and emotions. 

Talking about her life before the adventure of running her own business, she says: “Before setting up my business I completed a BA in Psychology at University College Dublin and received my PhD in Psychology at Trinity College Dublin. Prior to completing my PhD I travelled around the world and spent one year working in Australia with teenagers living in care homes. After that trip, I worked as a research psychologist investigating ADHD, inspired by the work I did in Australia. This research lead to the PhD, receiving a fellowship to complete my PhD with the Health Research Board, which was an honour I am eternally grateful for. On completing the PhD, I worked as a psychologist and also got heavily involved in theatre, T.V. and film.

Mullins urges everyone to attend drama or improvisation classes to build confidence, and adaptability – two competencies people need to survive in today’s ever-changing world.The skills I learned through the experience of working in theatre, T.V. and film, helped me build my confidence.  I now get to use these skills every day in the work I do with my business. Whether it’s designing and delivering impactful learning, writing scripts for the scenarios we use face to face (or for video or Virtual Reality), or meeting new clients, the skills I learned through the entertainment industry stand to me every single day.

These days, as well as leading the team at “Adaptas”, Mullins regularly facilitates learning amongst various coaching communities. She also speaks at conferences, on webinars and on podcasts. She has been teaching the Cognitive Behavioural Coaching Module on the MSc in Personal and Management Coaching at University College Cork since 2015.

Mullins recalls the idea that flipped her life. She says “15 years ago, I attended a dinner at a friend’s house. A conversation there gave me the idea to set up my business which combined my passion for performance with psychology. That was when my business was born!

She further adds that, “Through “Adaptas” we help people develop their self-awareness to be more effective in their job roles.Mullins is an eternal learner. She has a Certificate in Training and Development, a Diploma in Statistics, a Diploma in Personal and Executive Coaching, She is a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and has a Certificate in The Neuroscience of Change. She has also studied Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Leadership Dignity and Transpersonal Leadership Coaching

She says, “A lot of my learning over the years has culminated in the books I have written and the Skills for Growth Programme. The 10-week virtual programme (90 minutes on Zoom Weekly) was formulated to help people create change in their lives. The items covered are for those who are looking to create positive change in their own lives. There’s also a lot of up-to-date information from the intersection between neuroscience and coaching. We cover tools and exercises that anyone who is coaching or mentoring, or working in learning or wellbeing can utilize with their clients and colleagues. The sessions run every Wednesday 7pm GMT. However this programme can also be run in house in organizations during working hours.

Mullins is routinely led by her gut instincts as early on in life and then in business, she realised that not all people could be taken on their word. Mullins believes that, “If something doesn’t feel right, I don’t do it anymore. When I started out in business, I used to say YES to everything. This was a mistake.

Years of dedication and a strong work ethic have resulted in a large group of happy customers across the sphere for Mullins and her colleagues. Moreover, “Adaptas” produces training tools using Virtual Reality. One of these tools, ‘Immersive Sales Star’ won the award for ‘Excellence in Digital Learning’ with FBD Insurance from the Irish Institute of Training & Development Awards (IITD) in March 2019. And in November 2021, another of these virtual reality tools ‘The Dala Project; Virtual Reality for School Anxiety’ with the Galway Roscommon Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) won the Healthcare Collaboration Award with the Health Technology Innovation Awards. 

Mullins has authored two books: “Our Learning Brain” and “Developing Learning Habits”. These books support readers to understand and overcome blocks to learning and habit change and provide practical advice, tools, and techniques that can be put into practice immediately.

Mullins states, “In running “Adaptas”,  I like having ownership of what happens. I don’t have a boss I have to report to. I have learned over the years to schedule the work to suit my lifestyle a little better, as I used to work 14 hours per day!

Mullins leaves us inspired with a few words of motivation, “Success in business comes if you stick at it. There will be many ups and downs. If you believe in something and you do not give up it will work out for you. Of course, if not giving up means there is a negative impact on your health and wellbeing, then find another way and other people to support you to make your dream happen. Us women all need to support each other more. If we do, we can change the world!