Linda Brooks Johnson

Linda Brooks Johnson is a 2 times, 24.5 years breast cancer survivor. 

She tells us that, “I am also a certified Professional Life Coach specializing in Coaching breast cancer patients and survivors, divorce, grief and spiritual Coaching. I am also a breast cancer advocate and Spiritual Motivational Public Speaker. Mom of two adult children. I reside in the Atlanta metropolitan area.

What were your initial years of growing up like? Tell us about your life before starting your corporate journey/venture/initiative. 

I grew up with both my parents and older brother in an upper middle class neighborhood. I had a very happy and formative childhood. God was always the primary practice of his word (bible) in our home. I participated in Sunday school, church choir, drill team and the vocational opportunity program (high work program with corporations). I was blessed to work for a Fortune 500 corporation while in high school and throughout my undergraduate studies. Afterwards I worked a 28 year career with them. I love traveling, reading and helping others in anyway God allows me to. At the age of 39, 6 months after having my son. I was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma breast cancer 🎀. I received a second diagnosis 19 years later in 2018. I underwent a double bilateral mastectomy. My breast cancer journey has allowed me to be blessed by God to create a platform and passion to coach women and men on and throughout their cancer journey. My pain has created my purpose for what I am soooooh passionate about.

Was there any turning point in your life that changed your journey? If so, what was it? Please tell us the backstory behind it.

Breast Cancer changed my life into God’s purpose for my life. Sharing my experience and journey has been a rewarding and breathtaking experience as well as journey.

Every industry that is now a large-scale, top-notch business once started as a small idea in the minds of entrepreneurs. What was that idea or motivation that made you start your business /initiative? What motivated you within to say “YES, go for it!”

Taking my breast cancer journey and showing others how and what God can do with our ashes and make beautiful masterpieces from it. There is always victory within and from every trial.

Everyone has their own set of challenges when starting an entrepreneurial journey. Still, the most essential part for others to learn is how you deal with those. Would you like to share with us your challenges and your coping mechanisms?

My challenge was changing the mindset of people on how a life Coach was helpful and needed. I coped by praying and seeking God’s guidance on how and what to do to get the business where he wanted it to be.

While the global pandemic of COVID-19 is associated primarily with adversities, it has also brought about a true boom in startups, with successful entrepreneurship in many countries. The pandemic has impacted all of us in one way or another. Would you like to share your experience on a personal and professional level?

Personally and professionally it affected my business financially. People didn’t feel life Coaching was a real necessity financially.

Your journey and your vision are very inspiring, but are there any achievements or accomplishments you would like to mention?

Seeing lives changed for the better and seeing goals achieved by my life Coaching skills in others has been the best reward of all. Nothing compares to it!!!

Would you like to share with our young budding women entrepreneurs the change you would like to see in the world if given an opportunity?

Cancer cured and no longer a life threatening disease. 

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned in your personal life and professional journey? What is your personal motto in life?

I have learned unwavering trust and patience with God’s process in my life. “Cancer is a chapter of your life, It’s not the complete book of your life.”

Women are a growing force in the workplaces worldwide, standing shoulder to shoulder with their male counterparts. There are cracks in glass ceilings everywhere, with many women breaking through to carve out a space right at the top of the pyramid. What are your thoughts about women’s leadership today?

I feel that we are a force to be realized and reckon with!!!

With your grit and determination, you are making a considerable impact, breaking through, and serving as role models for many budding entrepreneurs. What would you want to say to our young women leaders/audience reading this?

Learn from and support each other. When one wins we all win!!!