Debora J. Hollick

I am an Executive Director/Owner, and a powerhouse in the field of personal and team performance optimization. With my expertise as an International Speaker, Multiple International #1 Best-Selling Author, Award-Winning Productivity Facilitator, and Sales Trainer, I help businesses and professionals smash through confusion, solve chaos, and stop cussing, while achieving remarkable results through thought visuals and Power Dialogue© Training. Clients describe their experience with me this way, “It feels like receiving a warm energy hug, while also receiving a gentle kick in the pants!

I am available for speaking engagements, in person or virtually, catering to corporations, groups, and associations of all sizes, covering very impactful topics. I’d love to connect on LinkedIn or via email.

Tell us something about your initiative/business. What is it about and how is it helpful for people? *

I have a diverse background in business and believe that our thoughts affect everything in our lives. One of my favourite initiatives is sharing what thought energy looks like, in pictures, which I do when I am speaking and training.

As a strong believer in thought energy, I have started a movement called The W.O.W! Concept, and am hopeful it will become very large, dynamic, and beneficial to people, everywhere. W.O.W! is an acronym for Wonder, Openness and Wisdom. I compiled an anthology, available on Amazon, called LIVE LIFE IN W.O.W! Nuggets of Wonder, Openness & Wisdom, and have now begun the planning for the first The W.O.W! Concept live event. It is expected to take place during the early part of November 2023. Stay tuned to hear more on this!

I invite you to connect with me to see how hiring me to train people in your organization, group, or association, will help achieve objectives. LinkedIn is one of the best ways to contact me.

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The W.O.W! Concept and my anthology book, LIVE LIFE IN W.O.W! Nuggets of Wonder, Openness & Wisdom, along with my speaking engagement at Columbia University and during many virtual events, have been well-received. The ideas resonate with many as we navigate through these uncertain and tumultuous times.

I am very excited about my upcoming book, The Bully Lives Within. The idea of it too, has touched many and I have been strongly encouraged to publish it as soon as possible. I would like to do a TEDx talk on it, as well. I believe it will empower people and help them find the courage to reach out and fulfill their dreams.

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The change I would like to see most in this world is for people to think about how they can take responsibility for their own thoughts, actions, and reactions.

I want people to look for the W.O.W! ~ the Wonder, Openness, and Wisdom, and share it with others.

I want young women entrepreneurs to feel and be empowered, and to remember they are strong and resilient. This can be showcased in many ways and their way matters!

Would you like to be heard by becoming a contributing author in one of my books in the LIVE LIFE IN W.O.W! Wonder, Openness & Wisdom series? Please reach out to me via LinkedIn or email, to find out how you, too, can be heard.

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