Emma Treharne

Emma Treharne is a Holistic Health, Mindfulness-Meditation Teacher. She is passionate about reconnecting to our true nature, Meditation and earth based practices. As a little girl, she used to love playing outside, making “remedies” – mixing grass, mud and other plants together. She has always been a seeker and wondered about the deeper meaning to life. She loves being a parent to her (now grown up) daughter. She believes that being a Mother over the last 27 years has taught her so much. 

She still loves being outside and enjoys gardening, growing food and herbs to create her own sustainable pantry (Though she says she’s not there yet!).

Tell us about your life before the venture/ leading up to your venture?  

I worked as a physical and emotional rehabilitation practitioner for 12 years before moving into the field of Orthopaedic Medical Sales, where I ran the training and development for our international team I set up a successful well-being project for this company, and the company who eventually acquired them, before moving into well-being consultancy and taking on private clients.

Tell us something about your organization. What is it about and how is it helpful for people?

My body of work supports overstretched, high-achieving women by helping them access deep rest so they can address limiting beliefs and motivations. 

I’m passionate about us all deeply reconnecting to our body, mind and soul through our own inner wisdom. It’s not always an easy path. I support women in understanding the process of healing as safely as possible. Revealing their true potential with confidence, intuition, and trust in themselves.

Intuition can be challenging to connect (and trust) to for many of us. Especially with deeply held trauma patterns, or beliefs for example. We weren’t taught to take care of ourselves in the way we need. 

I find it incredibly helpful to offer evidence based information and practical guidance to my clients. I’m a little science/soul nerd! It functions as a cognitive bridge to integrate their experience so far. To understand how (for example, not limited to) fear, shame and emotional inheritance may have shaped their world. My intention is to support clients so they can learn to create safety in their body – and mind – to manage and eventually re-pattern subconscious unhelpful physiological and emotional responses. Finally connecting to, and trusting, their own inner guidance that may once have been inaccessible 

When we have a deep connection to ourselves, we worry less about what others think, we make decisions that feel good for us, and our body becomes healthier as a result. When we feel present in our body and it feels safe to make choices, we are able to show up for others and our chosen work with renewed energy and enthusiasm.

What has been the response of the consumers towards your venture? 

Setting up the programmes for the medical company I was awarded the Global Impact award a few years ago – this was such a surprise and an honour. Since moving into consultancy and my own business the feedback has been that this type of information , support and guidance is very much needed.

How has your life changed because of your venture?

I personally feel much healthier. More at peace. Connected to a deeper meaning. I love working with amazing women, watching them discover how truly fabulous they are, holding them through the joy and discomfort that the journey involves. 

This type of offering helps me to continue to grow and heal. I’ve become far more compassionate and less judgemental. I’ve also learnt that trusting yourself takes time and perseverance, but that there is always hope.

I now sleep much better, have sustainable energy, and have opened up to opportunities (both business and personal) that felt unobtainable before.

Give a motivational message for the audience/women who are reading this.

It’s never too late to turn your life around.