The Wonder Lady Behind The Art of Life Strategies

An eminent executive and team-oriented coach, Abigail is imparting personal effectiveness by impacting team individuals with a colossal range of productivity and elevating excellence!

Here comes the ‘Peak Performance Strategist’ creating a tribe of high performing people and teams who love what they do and do what they love – with energy, intent and passion. She transforms people in all areas of their life, by equipping them with the tools, strategies and systems to achieve excellence.

Abigail embarks on her incredible adventure of leading successful leaders, teams, and people with marvellous output in the systematic world. She specialises in performance and business productivity strategies with 3P’s: Psychology, Physiology and Productivity. Moreover, she as an entrepreneur runs her own training and leadership consultancy called ‘Understanding Performance’, integrating psychology and human performance through training programmes, coaching, advisory and speaking engagements. This means more focus, more energy, less stress, higher impact results, a greater sense of control over one’s time and sustainable high performance. All of this enables people to perform at their best consistently without becoming burnt out or losing focus.

Being born and raised in England, Abigail had a pretty regular childhood where her parents worked really hard to support them growing up. She was truly grateful for her parents who fostered limitless belief in her during the odd times. Explicitly her love for sports, arts, science and maths at school, directed her inner self to go into business. She profoundly enjoyed learning new skills that steered her curiosity in diving into hit-or-miss works.

In her initial phase of life, Abigail started in private equity and acquisition finance, working on multi-million-dollar transactions in the London and Sydney markets. She then moved into strategy and business management roles across the banking industry. Though the opportunities were constantly challenging, she loved working with very bright people and learning about business from so many different angles. It was on her shift to Australia where she focused more on health and lifestyle and its impact on her performance at work. Abigail’s first entrepreneurial venture levelled up her as a qualified Personal Trainer, Pilates & Barre Instructor, and nutrition coach working with clients across the world.  

The boss lady then landed up as an Executive Coach, NLP Practitioner and facilitator that evidenced her zeal for productivity. Over time, when things evolved naturally Abigail realized her elements of passion blended to shape her proposition. While she was working in Australia her parents were in the UK, when her father was detected with an aneurysm that nobody in the family knew about. The real catalyst that drove her to take action was when her dad had to leave all of them suddenly in 2013. It was the deep-felt importance of time that fastened Abigail to fly towards her goals and dreams. Her intriguing domains such as business, health and fitness unlocked her potential to give out the best shot irrespective of the circumstances.

Quite often ‘Imposter Syndrome’ hooked up where she has to face the biggest challenges of being self-inflicted! Impatience and perfectionism are the key factors triggering it. The difference now is that she could put a label on it that helped to diminish its impact. She then mastered the art of progressive steps in dealing with doubts and anxieties. Mistakes refined her in a due course of time where she enjoyed the journey and valued every single moment of life. Taking up entrepreneurship, an emotional rollercoaster where she aced to ride the waves and go with the flow, trusting the process at all times.

Abigail quotes, “The best thing about my work is that it perfectly aligns with my life. I love my work and what I focus on and it enhances my life. I am in control of my time and I get to work with incredible people every single day. It has taken a lot of hard work and effort, but I’ve embraced this because I am passionate about what I do. I am grateful every day and I thrive and enjoy the journey. Every single step makes me a better person and enables me to touch the lives of others and make an impact”.

Abigail always seems to be enthralling while dealing with people who are of 2 different kinds.  One who understands the work that she does and the other who doesn’t. She precisely defines Peak performance as to be a top performer one has to address their mind, body and productivity factors in an integrated way. Equally, she firmly believes that Mindset, human performance and business factors must all be optimised to truly experience peak performance. Her 20 years of experience resulted in clients who are passionate about being at their best and supporting their teams to do the same. It continues to be a very rewarding and exciting journey for her as she witnessed more who take on board the learnings and build lasting peak performance habits that have a positive impact not just at work but also in their personal lives as they regain control of their time, has more energy and achieves results more effortlessly

Bringing up a few words of wisdom and kindness from Abigail, “Don’t let self-doubt hold you back. The most important thing you can do is take action. Aim high and go for whatever you want in life and in your career. I’ll leave you with a quote from one of my favourite childhood movies, back to the future: “If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything!