The Vision is to Teach People That They Have the Power Within to Heal Themselves: Says Bonnie!

Learn about this teacher, harmony healer and an optimistic human: Bonnie Marshall. 

Since the time she was seven years old and a member of a typical household, Bonnie believes to have understood her “why.” A wave of consciousness much larger than everyone and herself washed over her on a bright summer day as she played with her siblings and enjoyed the day. She firmly believes that moment was the moment when her purpose for being in the world was revealed to her in a vision of consciousness; which is- to help others, and bring harmony to the planet.

The fact that not every child or individual is living a wonderful life, breaks her heart. She also firmly believes that her prior vision serves as her life’s single overall compass, both knowingly and accidentally.

After working in the retail sector for 20 years, she made the switch to real estate. While engaged in the real estate industry, she had a car accident, which led her to realize she’s a healer and encouraged her to accept her abilities. Before this, she was aware that she could heal herself, but not others.

The initial phase of Bonnie’s grand vision is now under development. She states that her ultimate aim is to show individuals they possess an inner wisdom to heal themselves. She also emphasizes helping people develop their consciousness and awareness in order to be in alignment with what they are seeking. She holds the belief that if she can do it, then they can do it too, and achieve all in life that they desire, with joy, grace, and harmony.

Bonnie  is convinced that helping others achieve peace and harmony raises her own vibration, and in turn, aids her in attaining her own major objective and vision, whilst honing her abilities and expanding her gifts. Those who are aware of her efforts, are not only enthusiastic, but also fully supportive because they have already discovered their own power through her teaching.

Her clients’ testimonies discuss letting go of crippling heartbreak, destructive thought patterns, constrictive financial situations, business roadblocks in growth and turnover, self-doubt and limitations.  She works with them to embody self-love, self-worth, self-value, and to increase confidence, and faith in themselves. “Giving them the necessary skills for empowerment and returning control to them is the goal of this mission“, says Bonnie.

The most crucial thing Bonnie wants people to understand is that they are a manifestation of God, or whichever they want to refer to the vital power of All, that’s it. The basic nature of each and every one of us is this energy, which is constantly evolving, growing, and loving. The ultimate trust and faith in oneself comes from harnessing this energy and having faith in it.

Bonnie believes each person is God’s energy having an experience and manifesting through them. You can be, do and have anything you set your attention on with an intention. Whatever you imagine already exists in the unseen, and the more you concentrate on this, while having love in your heart, the more you will be able to realize this vision by taking aligned action. 

Bonnie believes in you… it’s time to embrace the truth of who you really are and begin living from this vibrational frequency.