Her Healing Journey is an Elixir for the Suffering Soul

Lindsey is the Founder and CEO of OWL (One Whole Life) Venice, a broth elixir company based in Los Angeles.

While Lindsey’s background lies in digital marketing, her love for food and all things wellness inspired her to create ‘bone broth’ for her own healing. Once she realized the magic of her broth after healing herself, she was inspired to share her learnings with others in hopes that they would experience the same transformation.

She grew up in a small town by the beach in Connecticut with her parents and two brothers. From a very young age, she observed her mother preparing home cooked meals every night with utmost delight. The family also had a garden from which they picked fresh greens for salads and blueberries for pies, and other plants for healing. They were also taught to take good care of their belongings so they lasted longer. Simply put, she was taught the importance of whole foods and hard work by her family and it’s something that helped her grow professionally in her later years.

In her initial days of being a professional, she worked as a freelancer doing a bunch of different things. She was a graphic designer, web designer, photographer and private chef- no one could understand why she was going in so many directions, but after a lot of hit and trials, she understood that every aspect of her background helped her grow OWL (One Whole Life, a broth company) into what it is today.

However, things weren’t as easy as they might look from the outside. In 2010, Lindsey’s mom was diagnosed with cancer and it was a big wake-up call for her. It inspired her to look into food as a form of preventive medicine. She realised that she wasn’t eating healthy at the time, and wondered if she had the same genetic disposition to cancer as her mom- after which she realized that she should start making lifestyle changes immediately.

After years of trying different “diets”, cleanses, and eating all organic – Lindsey realized she was struggling with digestive issues and started making and drinking her own bone broth. Through consistently drinking the broth, she experienced profound transformation and was inspired to share her recipes with others struggling with digestive issues. This is when OWL was born in 2016.

In growing her business via OWL, it was important for her to stay true to her values, which were putting the planet and people over profit. This is the reason why she locally sources all of the ingredients and packages her products in glass.

For Lindsey, starting a broth elixir business was one challenge after another. While she always faced different challenges at different phases, she always prayed for what people call ‘good problems’- problems that indicate the business is growing or problems that force them to come up with new creative solutions so they can expand.

Today, every time she hears a customer talking about how her reset program improved their health, or changed their life, that is the greatest accomplishment for her.

She eagerly wants to be a part of the movement that educates people on the importance of whole foods and living sustainably so they can protect the planet. She believes that failures are the opportunities for people to see where they need to make changes in their lives- it is an opportunity to break a pattern and evolve into the next phase.

After all these years, one thing she has learned is that consistent efforts always pay off. “Even though it may seem impossible to see the horizon, the key is to keep going and holding true to the vision. Energy goes where energy flows!” she says.

Lindsey thinks women are stepping up as leaders in so many ways. She knows so many female business owners who are doing amazing things in the world. She knows women lead from a place of intuition and deeper knowing- this is where they find their power, and it is balanced with empathy and compassion. She loves that especially in LA, she feels supported by other women boldly going after their dreams and finding success while making a positive impact.