Helping People and Their Teams Manage Stress at Work

Meet Stephanie Schaffner- Certified trainer and coach for Burnout Prevention at Die Stress Managerin, an organization that helps people deal with work-induced stress.

Stephanie is a certified trainer for stress management and a renowned coach for burnout prevention. She helps organisations and companies implement a healthy work environment and protect the efficiency of their employees. 

Over the years, she has worked as Sales Manager & Head of New Business in internationally operating software companies before she completed training as a certified trainer for stress management and coach for burnout prevention.

She is also an official writer for Thrive Global by Arianna Huffington and an international guest expert on various podcast programs and live shows. She has also been featured in many publications such as Forbes, Inc., The Huffington Post and Entrepreneur Magazine.

My goal is to support people in dealing with stress in a healthy way and to strengthen their resilience as well as their coherence,” she says. 

Stephanie believes that with her programs, people can immediately integrate the strategies they have worked out into their everyday life and thus receive positive impulses very quickly.

According to her, each person faces a wide variety of challenges every day. Even though digitalization is increasingly helping people to master them successfully, at the same time, it also accelerates the processes in their daily lives. One possible consequence of this can be the immense stress that people incur in a variety of places. She thinks that this can arise differently for everyone and be triggered by a wide variety of factors.

In her workshops, people can learn strategies for stress management and burnout prevention together with their team, which they can immediately integrate into their daily work routine. “You should make stress your ally and turn negative stress into high performance. For this, you need to push your team and thereby promote work climate and performance,” she says.

For her, the beginning was the hardest time. Nobody knew about her services and she had to pay her own bills. However, with patience and consistent efforts, she was able to achieve her dreams and also help people in the best possible way she could. 

At present, Stephanie’s everyday challenges include teaching the world that mental health is an important topic and that having the right company culture is of prime importance. In her initial days, she thought that everybody is open to stress management and burnout prevention but unfortunately, she was wrong. It was only with time that she understood the art of convincing people to take a step towards their mental health at work. 

Today her business is people-centred and she gives her 100% effort into helping them improve their mental health.