Teaching People To Connect With Their Inner Knowing and Voice Within

Meet Lisa Jones- Award-winning Psychotherapist, Health Coach, and Mental Health Consultant at HeadStrong Training®, an organisation where she trains and coaches people about brain, mind, and body connections.

Lisa describes herself as a science-based, passionate, and committed therapist and trainer, who believes in educating on prevention over intervention. She works with senior leaders in corporations and schools to help them manage stress, reduce anxiety, and burnout. 

Lisa adores teaching individuals how to build essential skills to comfortably manage life’s challenges. On the personal front, she is passionate about Performing Arts and teaching Salsa.

Lisa landed her first job when she was just 13 years old and has never looked back. Her work ethic, she says, has had a significant impact on her entrepreneurial career throughout her life. She was also very involved in school as a young person, and even chaired a student council to give everyone a voice. Many new school policies were enacted as a result of her work, for which she is extremely proud.

About her professional journey to date, Lisa says, “When I first started my journey, I was also battling chronic illnesses including M.E., Fibromyalgia, and Hemiplegic Migraine to name a few. This made it really difficult to work full time and do as much as I wanted. It was overcoming all of the health problems that inspired me to go out and help as many other people as I could.” Understanding the impact that chronic stress and burnout can have motivated her to want to teach others how to prevent it.

In the beginning, Lisa thought working for herself would be really easy and would give her more time and freedom. However, she hadn’t anticipated how much work would be involved in running a business and how long it could take to really build it up from scratch. However, she later realised that the long-term rewards are absolutely worth it in the long run!

At present, Lisa delivers training as a fully qualified and experienced senior accredited psychotherapist and coach at HeadStrong Training® to both businesses and schools. She also runs a busy private practice helping individuals overcome chronic stress and mental health challenges. She has continued to study and learn so that she can deliver the most up-to-date and research-backed training to her clients. Her specialty is in incorporating applied neuroscience and brain health, teaching others about  the brain/mind/body connection and how everything is connected.

When Lisa launched HeadStrong Training®, it was just before the pandemic of Covid-19 had hit the world. It totally changed the way people conducted business and it was initially difficult for her to cope with the sudden change. Lisa said it felt like a very lonely and challenging place at times but at the same time, she was also amazed at how much support there was from other business owners. Lisa believes that she was, and is, incredibly fortunate to have a wonderful support network of family and friends who kept believing in her and encouraged her to never give up.

As a therapist, coach and trainer, Lisa takes great pride in her values and ethics- “If I’m not the right person for the job, I will happily refer on. I have a large team of associates ranging from HR specialists and Leadership experts to yoga teachers and wellbeing specialists, so we can meet any need a company may have.