Teaching People to Love and Trust Their Authentic True Self

Meet Beth Hope- Founder and Executive Coach at & hope, who helps her clients have a confident personality with a constructive approach towards life situations.

Beth is an Executive Coach who helps you boost your authentic confidence and strengthen your constructive mindset. She has a deep understanding of human behavior, motivation and limiting beliefs that she uses to help you unlock barriers and move forward with clear action. She knows the positive impact a constructive mindset has.

She is an ICF ACC accredited Executive Coach, has a master’s degree in Psychology and Neuroscience of Mental Health, is Mindfulness trained and is an MBTI practitioner. Using all of this, she brings evidence-based tools to her coaching to help people flourish in their lives.

Talking about her growing years, she says: “I am very fortunate to have grown up in an incredibly supportive family in Oxford, England. I was never too sure what I wanted to do when I grew up but was always interested in people- whether that was exploring more in psychology, expressing myself through acting or being there for my friends as someone to talk through things with. Also, when I was younger, I loved acting and dreamt of being an actor. I always looked forward to my musical theatre class every weekend and relished creating I Grade 8 Musical Theatre performance piece!

In her family, Beth’s father, who is now retired, was a psychiatrist and the Professor of Medical Ethics at the University of Oxford, so debates and discussions around the dinner table were a regular occurrence which she still greatly enjoys to date. Both her parents have been a huge inspiration to her- she believes they are true partners and both have incredible careers (her mother, also now retired, was a flourishing doctor). They have forged their own career paths but kept their family at the center of their every day, something that she greatly admires.

However, her life changed in 2017. Beth had just come out of a long-term relationship, was unhappy in her job, dissatisfied with where she was and was dealing with a traumatic phase alone. 

I saw a crossroads in front of me: do the big work and build myself up or crumble and get swallowed up by my pain. I chose to do the big work. I focused on what I could control: myself. I took one small, consistent step at a time, reworked my self-confidence, mindset and self-love to build my core self from a place that felt broken to true inner strength. It’s the hardest and best work I have done (and keep doing) so I wanted to reflect that in my work life too- I found out about the world of coaching and saw that as a great way to help clients to help themselves,” she says.

After overcoming a lot of hurdles, today she is an Executive Coach at& hopewho helps her clients to boost their authentic confidence and strengthen their constructive mindset. She works with people across sectors and industries globally. Along with coaching, she also runs workshops and speaks at company events around collaboration, communication, confidence and mental fitness. She also loves helping people bring small, manageable techniques into their everyday life to create fundamental change moving forward.

Looking at her journey, Beth never thought that having her own business would be something she would be able to do- nor even she necessarily wanted to do. Her corporate career started as an Event Manager in Central London which meant she got to work with big clients organizing large events. 

Even though she loved this, and still loves organizing everything humanly possible, she knew that it was not her long-term passion. She made the move into Human Resources for a few years before coming to coaching and taking the plunge to branch out on her own in 2017. Today, she is proud that she has been open to opportunities, challenging herself every day and is growing her business organically in a way that’s true to her. 

What I am happy about where I have got to in my career is that I have managed to combine my love of acting and psychology to help my clients show up powerfully and truly make constructive change in their lives. I realize I’ve been extremely fortunate throughout the pandemic where I have been able to continue to work, pivoting my business to now be 100% remote via zoom. It means that now I have a global client base working with people and companies from the US to Europe and more!” she shares.

Beth wants to help people keep helping themselves and leading with self-kindness. According to her, our inner critic can be out of balance and very destructive or we can not know how worthy we truly are. She wants people to know that a great place to start is to build up your own inner love, compassion and kindness which then glows so brightly you can bring warmth to others in turn.

Her views on failure are somewhat on a similar pedestal. She says- “Failure is instead an opportunity to learn, grow and iterate. Meet success and failure the same by asking yourself these three questions: ‘What worked well?’, ‘How can I do more of it?’, and, ‘What one thing would I do differently next time?’. This is not an easy thing to master and indeed, not something we can always do all the time. Remember, keep practicing, we’re all works in progress, that’s what makes life interesting.

Beth believes that practice is a powerful tool to take small but consistent steps and create a fundamental change. According to her, one should aim to keep to their new, healthy habits 70-80% of the time and leave themselves a cushion of kindness. She further adds: 

We have many incredible female leaders and are at a time where we can keep accelerating, bringing more inclusion into leadership in all forms. We all gain when we help one another. Inspire each other, listen to each other and include each other- and that’s when the change will take place!