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Meet Kim Cutler, Executive Coach and Founder of Storm McQueen, a professional training and coaching organization that delivers bespoke professional coaching to executives, leaders, and teams. 

From trying out different careers, working in the corporate industry, to finally finding her true calling in executive coaching, Kim Cutler has come a long way. She started out as a beauty therapist, learned Tui Na in Beijing at 19, trained people in electrotherapy while studying psychology in the evenings for five years. She then had a short stint in banking recruitment and later worked at a New York-based hedge fund for a decade before becoming a coach. 

So, what led Kim to make a career switch from corporate to coaching? Returning to corporate life after becoming a mother, Kim realized that she couldn’t work long hours like before. But she knew she couldn’t just be a stay-at-home mom- a dilemma that many new mothers face. Fortunately, she found a way out in a role that she would enjoy and afford her the flexibility to be with her family. She sought a coach and worked hard to find her purpose, putting all her skills to the test in order to start her career out in coaching. 

Talking about her current organizations and work, she says, “At the heart of Storm McQueen is a desire to provide outstanding executive coaching for individuals. Providing tailored, individual, caring support to our clients is what we are passionate about. It is what we do.

The fundamental value proposition remains the same for both Storm McQueen and Copper Bottom: to bring the best of our knowledge and skills to lead empathetic coaching, in both personal and professional realms, to the individual. 

Storm McQueen’s and Copper Bottom’s focus is always on the development of the individual as a whole. Confidentiality and trust are therefore the foundation of all our coaching relationships. The concept of trust is paramount to our service. We seek to understand and ensure we have the correct understanding of the unique personal circumstances relevant to our clients. This understanding, and the conduit of trust, enables us to develop and deliver highly tailored and relevant coaching plans. For us, there are no ‘off the shelf” solutions. Each person is different, just as the circumstances they find themselves surrounded by are, as they navigate their journey.” 

Before finding her true calling in executive coaching, Kim was constantly looking for the right path for herself. She enjoyed her multifaceted career, and with each role, she gained new and relevant experience. Her present challenge is in raising her head above the parapet with time being a continual constraint.

Kim is an introvert at heart who likes to focus her energies on helping others wherever she can. As her work as a coach is flexible, she is happy that she is able to give time to her family and kids. A Hertfordshire resident, she lives with her two small children, a husband, and a labrador, Watson. Before founding Storm McQueen, she says, There is nothing worse than having to tear yourself away from an ill child and go to the office when everything in your body tells you it’s wrong, but you have no choice,”. But as she balances between work and family, she proves that women can really have it all. 

She is overjoyed by the overwhelmingly positive response to the work. All her clients have given excellent reviews, which really encourages her to do better to help more people. Kim is an inspiration to all working Mums out there who want to succeed in their professional careers while making time for their families as well.  Leaving an inspiring message for her readers, she says, “Anything is possible. The if’s and but’s that constantly parade your mind as to why you can’t leave, or why you can’t take that monumental leap, can be quashed.