Helping People Solve Their Business Struggles Through Spiritual Guidance

Meet Ambila Nath, Entrepreneur and Business Owner at where she helps her clients get unstuck, get clarity, get clients and grow their business. 

They say the heart wants what it wants, and Ambila Nath has always followed hers. She is an Indian woman, living in the UK, who left her 6 figure corporate job in consulting to build a spiritual lifestyle business. She survived years of cultural guilt and emotional bullying from society, who wanted her to conform to a life she didn’t want. But did she ever give in? The answer is a big NO. Today, she is living the life of her dreams, helping people to grow their businesses through her spiritual and intuitive strategies.

Ambila was born in India and moved to the UK when she was 6. Her father worked for the British Embassy, which gave them an opportunity of setting up a new life in a new country. Her childhood was surrounded by friends and family so it was always a happy and warm atmosphere. But life also had its challenges, as her mother has bipolar so there were some stressful times, too. 

She went from being a graduate to a professional working in the middle management of the telecom business by the age of 25. She loved every minute of the job, as she got to learn so much about business. She traveled the world and lived this glamorous life from the outside, but in reality, she was working 16+ hours a day. Ambila was living two separate lives – one was where she was excelling in her career, and the other was where she was being pressured to get married and settle down. But she wanted a friendship, love, and a partner who wouldn’t ask her to compromise and choose between her career and personal life. This strained her relationship with her family, so much so that she left to live in another city. It took them years to reconcile and accept Ambila’s choices. 

This was also the time when she began exploring a different career path. The consulting job wasn’t making her happy. One day while watching The Oprah Winfrey show, she came across the concept of a ‘Life Coach.’ She went straight on to google to find out more about it and found a certified online program in America that she enrolled in. All the classes were in the American time zones, (10 PM to 6AM in the UK) but that did not stop Ambila, she made it a priority and managed the workload alongside her full-time consulting job. After graduating, she took it up as a professional career, and the rest is history. 

Talking more about her work, Ambila says, “My business is about helping people to feel and get unstuck in business. I help people who are feeling overwhelmed, confused, and lost because they think they are lacking in money, resources to make their business a success. I give them the assurance they need and open them up to the possibilities that are available to them.

We do this in two ways, the first, we work in a logical and practical way to give your business strategies towards your vision, branding, technical setup, etc, and everything else needed in a business. The second, we guide you spiritually, helping you with intuitive insights into whether your decisions, branding, etc. will bring prosperity into your business or not. We also do energy healing to help remove any emotional or physical blocks that may be stopping your success and give practical advice on how you can make changes in your environment to bring abundance in.

Starting out, Ambila met with many challenges like lacking business knowledge, the right contacts, business partners, confidence & self-worth. She had to learn and do everything on her own. She often felt intimidated by successful entrepreneurs as she felt she wasn’t a success. She is now working to reach Asia and other continents and attract more clients. She wants to employ local people into her team to grow her company. 

Her business has grown mostly because of the values she upholds and how driven she is to help her clients. When people work with her, they remain loyal to her, and it is the greatest compliment for Ambila. She has been featured in The Female CEO magazine ‘In The Spotlight with Ambila Nath’ ( She is also the guest editor and coach for the magazine. They won the Most Comprehensive Entrepreneurial Resource Platform 2021: The Female CEO – Create Evolve Overcome from The Influential Businesswoman Awards. She was also a guest blogger at

Ambila believes that she is truly living the life that she has always wanted, and each day she gets given more abundance. She feels fortunate that she gets to work and inspires people to have a better life. 

Her journey is inspiring in itself and a motivation for us that it’s never too late to do something you love. Leaving a message for the readers, she says, “All you need to do is focus on your ‘next right move.’ What’s that one thing that will help you to move forward in your life? Remember, we all have the strength in us, and our job is to believe in ourselves first, then others will believe in us too.