Using Hypnotherapy To Transform People’s Lives For The Better

Using Hypnotherapy To Transform People’s Lives For The Better


Meet Sonya Iris-Hudson, a Behavioural Change Therapist who is using her skills in Hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT, Counselling, and Reiki to transform lives. 

From working as a shop assistant, voluntary police women to running her own Hairdressing and beauty Salon and Therapy Centre, furniture, flower shops, whilst bringing up three sons and studying homeopathy, Hypnotherapy and NLP. Sonya Iris-Hudson kept trying out different career paths until she discovered her passion in hypnotherapy and Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). Today, she is a Behavioural Change Therapist who incorporates her skills and knowledge in the field to transform people’s lives for the better. She believes that we are all capable of great things and by helping each other, we can make the world a harmonious and peaceful place. 

Sonya grew up in a working-class family with three siblings, her mum homeschooled her and her brother and sister until they were aged 5, so they could already read and write by the time they started attending school. They barely saw their father, who worked long hours during the day and was an entertainer by night. She started working at the age of 11 for extra pocket money that she used to invest in fashionable clothes. Overall, it was a happy childhood.

Sonya was always a spiritual and intuitive person, and learning hypnotherapy took her to a different level, opening new avenues for her to explore. Meanwhile, she supported her husband’s ambitions and together they founded Mind International. As a woman, she was raised to make her husband and children a priority in her life, which she did. But later, after her 29-year marriage ended, she felt broken /lost. Then, she discovered the power of Reiki and the Emotional freedom technique (EFT) that helped her heal and recover. She now uses these methods to help her clients, along with Hypnotherapy and NLP. 

Talking a bit about her work, she says, “I help people to transform their perspective of their lives and themselves, being gentler with both, bringing more peace to the world.”

But this journey was not without challenges. 

Combining her spiritual beliefs with personal development, Sonya started writing an angel workshop while she was running her business and assisting her husband. The workshop was fully booked, but only a week before, she was struck with a tragedy that shook her. Her mum passed away suddenly due to lung cancer. Friends and family advised her to cancel the workshop, and she was convinced to. But she felt her mother encouraging her to make it happen. She conducted the workshop with a heavy but open heart with her friends by her side. The response was so great that she went on to do more such workshops, both in her home town and abroad. However, amid her divorce and several other things, the workshops took a back seat. She is planning to start them again next year. COVID posed a challenge too, but she is slowly navigating through it. 

Sonya is elated by the feedback she has received from the clients and participants all these years on, how their lives have transformed ever since they started working with her and attended the workshops. Sonya Iris Hudson is a woman who has been through the worst but is still standing strong. With her work, she has become more accepting of herself and others. She has become more compassionate about the complexities of living a wonderful life. Sharing a message with her readers, she says, “Smile from the inside out, you’ve got this.