Providing End-to-End Professional Hosting and Airbnb Management Service in All of UK

I Meet Veronica Tribolati, Co-Founder at HelloGuest, a professional Airbnb management service and property management services for other short-stay rental sites in London.

Being an equity trader for 15 years, Veronica Tribolati always wanted to explore the entrepreneurial world. About 6 years ago, she had the idea of developing services for short letting. This was when the market wasn’t saturated as it is today and starting at the right time worked out for her well. HelloGuest is an independent short let and Airbnb management service in the major cities and tourist sites in the UK. 

Tribolati was born and brought up in Italy, and her childhood was quite tough. About nine years ago, she moved to London and has been living and working here ever since. She is a single mum who is juggling between her work and family life. 

Talking about her organization and the team that is making magic every day, she says, (It includes) “Mostly women and big part single mums like me. We are like a big family where we respect each other and we arrange our workload depending on our life and needs. We work very hard, and we have a happy environment. I wanted to rethink the old way of working based just on being stuck in an office all day and I focused my efforts on productivity. All my team can work from anywhere as long as the results are coming.

Starting out, as a professional in stock trading and even now, Veronica has always worked in male-dominated industries. Although she is one of the few women working in the sectors, she didn’t give up fighting even for a second. She bagged the top managerial position while everyone doubted her expertise and caliber as a woman professional. This is something many women go through in their careers. Now, through her own business, she can ensure equality and respect for everyone and prevent all kinds of biases. 

HelloGuest is completely independent and is counted in the top 5. From guest communication, key exchange, and check-in to cleaning & laundry service and creating and optimizing property listing, they take care of everything. When her clients get to know about her story, they are quite fascinated. The team is passionate and dedicated, and they offer the best service to the customers. During the pandemic, they reviewed and cut down their expenses to fall in line with the decrease in bookings and occupancy rates. They made changes to their booking terms and made cancellations flexible to encourage longer stays of their customers. 

With HelloGuest, her life has changed completely. Like most business owners, she works 24/7 and 365 days a year but smartly and knows when and how to change her strategy quickly. 

  • Success never comes easy. You have to accept and fight through various challenges before getting to the other side. Veronica is a positive person and a smart entrepreneur who understands the needs of her clients and business to provide the best. She is ever-ready to take chances, adapt, and put in efforts to help the business grow. Leaving a short but inspiring message for her readers, she says, “Don’t be afraid of failing and think out of the box.