Teaching people to adopt a holistic approach in life!

Annika Ek- Functional Nutritionist & Wisdom Coach at TrulyU, where she helps women get healthier via anti-inflammatory eating and living, and on purpse through a wisdom practice.

Annika grew up in a small village in Sweden where she had a quiet life with family, friends, school and nature- it was a good yet simple childhood.

After obtaining a degree in economics, she also studied Computer Programming and network administration. In her 20s, she utilized her time travelling through Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. In one of such trips, she met her Canadian husband while spending a summer in Helsinki, Finland. At that time, she had no specific ambition or role models and was finding her way one step at a time. For the next few years, she made good use of her economics degree before she had her children- this was the period when she took out some time to figure out what she really wanted to do in life as a passion. She says:

I got sick with stomach pains after I had my daughters and as I was sitting in my doctor’s office, he handed me a prescription. I innocently asked how long I would have to take the medication, the answer was ‘probably for the rest of your life’- When I heard that answer, I heard a loud NO in my head and I went home to my bookcase. After searching a lot, I found one book on health which I read page by page and quickly made changes to my lifestyle including how I cooked and shopped for food. It was not long before she felt better.

Something after this had woken up inside of Annika and she knew she wasn’t going back to work with computers again. She started studying holistic health and working with clients as a consultant. Over the years, continuous health challenges have been her biggest teacher, along with her clients’ issues as well. She was quick to realize that inflammation is at the root of most of what is leading to chronic and degenerative conditions these days, especially for women.

Today, she is a Functional Nutritionist, a Wisdom Coach and a student working on her Ph.D in Wisdom Studies and a Masters in Regenerative Action (MRA). She is also the founder of TrulyU Health & Wisdom, and the host of the private community TrulyU Women’s Circle. In the Circle, she teaches courses on anti-inflammatory eating, cooking & living along with supporting women as they find and establish a consistent wisdom practice that fits. In the circle, she also hosts a powerful Accountability Circle. She believes, when heart-led women have better health and deeper wisdom they are ready for greater impact in the world.

However, in the middle of all this, her own health has been a challenge several times- but it has led her to deeper studies and insights- “When the pandemic hit I was already working and studying from home so that was not a big shift for me. Not being able to spend time with friends is something I miss but I have been privileged during these challenging times,” she says.

Annika believes that her venture is not just about her and her skills, it’s about her supporting women so they can have the accomplishments we all need at this time as we face so many challenges globally. For her, it’s about coming together and lifting each other up and she ensures this through her community TrulyU Women’s Circle. She adds:

My vision is to empower women over 40 to have better health and deeper wisdom so they can have greater impact and answer the call of the planet at this crucial time. Failure is not something I think about. I keep working to make myself better so I can be of service for good. I have nothing to prove as an individual. Challenging times are in my mind initiations that invite us to evolve as human beings.

Annika’s mission in life is to balance being with doing so that she can be of service in a way that fulfills her purpose in life. Her logic is Health + Wisdom = Impact!

You’re crazy if you don’t think you’re crazy when you are a woman over 40. At that time women are wired to reassess their lives and come “back out” into service as guardians beyond our own families. When women come together in community, we can do what we can’t do alone!

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