Partnering Up with Companies To Build Real Diverse and Inclusive Workplaces

Meet Tricia Driver, Founder, and CEO at A New Normal, an organization that helps businesses achieve the benefits of an inclusive culture; and facilitates the creation of environments that allow employees to bring their full selves to work.

In the fast-paced and unequal world we live in today, diversity and inclusion have become the need of the hour. Pushing for the same is Tricia Driver, a D&I strategist with over 15 years in culture change and talent management. Growing up in a small village in the UK countryside, Tricia spent her early years doing things that were expected from her- working hard at school, getting good qualifications, going to university, and then starting a career in corporate. She did most of these things without thinking about the different paths she could have followed. 

Driver suffered from imposter syndrome for the longest time where she felt she was not good enough. It took a lot for her to find out what she was passionate about. She worked in the corporate sector for twenty years in roles relating to people, culture, and talent. Shortly after the birth of her second daughter, she was asked to focus on ED&I space, two years after which she launched A New Normal to support her clients with creating and sustaining truly inclusive working cultures. 

Talking about the concept behind the organization, she says, “We support our clients in creating and sustaining truly inclusive working environments. I started the business because I wanted to make a difference to tackle inequality and give as many people as possible the best chances in life. We work with clients across all sectors, and I get a huge buzz from the impact we have within the organizations, and rippling outwards, as well as for the individuals working within the organizations. For people who feel in some way marginalized in the workplace or society, the work we do gives them a voice and an opportunity to be heard and make changes for the better.

However, her journey was far from easy. Losing her father to cancer soon after the first birthday of her younger daughter, Tricia felt lost. Returning after her maternity leave, she participated in a program for top talent in the organization. She felt like an imposter who didn’t deserve to be around incredible people. During the year, she had many lightbulb moments which impacted her personal and professional life. This helped her believe in her abilities, outgrow imposter syndrome, and finally set up her own business. 

Starting out in a heavily male-dominated industry, the sexism and harassment Driver experienced in her career could have derailed her career. Thanks to her incredible female manager, she learned the tools and conviction to stand up against these men trying to bring her down. Presently, her challenges are mostly related to maintaining a work-life balance. She has a packed work schedule, three children, and a bunch of voluntary positions. She has to look after herself well enough to be able to care for her family, team, and clients. 

Tricia notes that as humans we have the tendency to think that things will be better in the future and, waiting for that to happen, we miss out on amazing things every day. “We need to stop waiting for our real lives to begin and squeeze every last drop out of each brilliant day,” she says. This has made her feel more grateful for everything she has in life.

She is also thankful for the opportunity to do something she loves every day and make a difference while having an impact on people, companies, and society as a whole. She is constantly growing and challenging herself to do even better. Leaving a short but inspiring message for her readers, Tricia says, “Don’t wait for your real life to begin! Believe in yourself and follow your passion – you are capable of so much more than you think.