The Danish Woman with A Vision of Success

Lene Stiil, Founder of AllergyCertified, is a Danish woman of 51, with a vision to make an impact on 7 billion people. Lene shares that she believes, “Most things are possible, we are not born with the same opportunities, and we are all responsible to help even the scores.

Laughter is the best energy for both body and mind. Take your life but not yourself too seriously. Exercise is just as important to reach your business goals as sitting in front of your computer.” 

Lene is the Founder of AllergyCertified which is an International certification organization that makes it possible to choose products without known allergens and classified endocrine disrupting chemicals and carcinogens. She is a businesswoman with a son and a dog who is also an author of a book about bees. 

Albeit things weren’t all milk and honey after her parents got separated, Lene made her way through all endeavours with a strong sense of optimism and a dash of practicality. After completing her Bachelor’s degree in Communications from the Aalborg University, she worked in management and consultant roles. 

She also worked in the Danish parliament, for a famous Danish chef and then spent a few years working as a beekeeper. No wonder why Lene adores the bees! She shares, “I had no idea I would end up founding AllergyCertified the first 40 years of my life – all I knew was it would be good for me to create my own business as I was not too impressed by the bosses I ran into.

With an aim to make it possible for people worldwide to choose products that are skin-friendly, Lene founded AllergyCertified six years ago. They certify products that come in contact with your skin. “This means that if you see the AllergyCertified label on a product,” Lene elaborates, “you can rest assured that our toxicologist has assessed every ingredients down to parts per million to make sure there is no risk for you using the product even though you might already have an allergy to one or more ingredients”. Skin allergy is not only a physical problem, it also decreases your quality of life. 

Lene claims that founding AllergyCertified has not only made her smarter but it has also made her more aware about the struggles to reach the goal that every human should be able to choose products that do not contain known allergens nor classified endocrine disrupting chemicals and carcinogens. It has also made her realise that scientific based facts are not always enough to get your message through because the power of marketing can be too big. 

AllergyCertify has also made her incharge of her working life. She can work when she wants to and can decide not to work when she doesn’t want to. The idea has also given her the opportunity to experience different working cultures across the world. 

They were the first in the world to certify make-up by starting their journey with certifying 25 products. The count has now risen to almost 2000 within six years and the horizons are broadening each day. Lene and her company are now expanding their venture to certify toys and other products to reduce the impact of harmful chemicals on billions of people. 

Here’s some unmissable advice from Lene to all aspiring entrepreneurs, “Moving your body is a good way to move your ideas, so take a walk and focus on what your business idea is.

While walking, develop the idea and go a bit crazy. Think International market from day 1. Do not let the nay-sayers get to you. Keep going, most businesses that survive year 1 survive and thrive. Be specific about what your business can offer to this world. Invite people to understand your business, tell them about it, engage them in your idea, get their feedback, use it to adjust while at the same time staying focused on your specific idea. It is ALWAYS a good idea to have smart people around you.”