Finding Her Voice In The Male-Dominated Software Space

Meet Abigail Allen, Sales Director at Showbie, a hybrid learning platform that brings the classroom together in one, easy to use app.

Abigail Allen started her career in the software space 20 years ago and joined sales management back in 2011-12. Currently, she is the sales director at Showbie, but her journey as a female in the software industry came with its own set of challenges. Software being the male-dominated space, it is rife with male mentality, competition, and doing anything to get a win. This often clashed with her female mindset of playing nice and fair. However, Abigail realized over time that if you want to do well and be respected by your colleagues, you need to play by their rules and win. Unveiling this mantra, she moved up the corporate ladder to assume the position of sales director at her current company. She emphasizes the significance of discovering one’s own voice, something that helped her get where she is today. 

Talking about the idea behind her organization, she says, “Showbie is an educational technology company that offers a tool for teachers, schools, and parents to engage students and learners. They have been in business for 12 years and specialize in assignment workflow.” It helps teachers offer a personalized learning experience to their students and cater to their needs better. With COVID, the Edtech industry boomed, and as a result, they received funding to work towards developing different aspects of the company with a focus on client growth. As the sales director, Allen heads the team in North and South America. She is responsible for the product and keeping the marketing strategy clear. She brings in new talent under her wing and ensures that they have all the necessary resources. Finally, she is accountable for the revenue she has been tasked with generating for the team. 

Abigail only took on this role in March this year but has been an asset to the Edtech companies in the Bay area for a very long time now. She notes that when it comes to family and work, women are conditioned to strike a balance. It is always assumed that mothers have the primary responsibility of the kids. As a mother herself, she wants to be involved in her children’s lives as much as possible. This is why she is taking time before advancing on to higher positions and taking more responsibilities at the job. She doesn’t have any regrets and is happy with her choice. Women always have extra responsibilities and have to make sacrifices in both spheres before they move forward. 

For someone who has struggled to make a name for herself in the highly male-dominated software industry, Abigail wants all women to find their voice. She says that “It will help you make your decisions, find the right place to earn the respect and eye of people around you. That, in turn, can also help you determine whether or not you are at the right place. You’ll have to be true to your voice.