And It All Boils Down To Consistency

Kathy Fisher, Co-owner of Fisher Green Creative LLC, a website designer and marketer, is a woman of consistency and determination. Her ability to stay consistent towards her vision and pivot when necessary is not only benefiting her but her clients as well. She would do great justice to the concept of ordinary women who achieve things extraordinarily.

Kathy started her own company, Sunflower Web Design in 2012 and merged with Jenny in January, 2017, to form Fisher Green Creative, LLC. Now, her business partner, Jenny, and she owns Fisher Green Creative, LLC. They provide marketing and website design and development services for small businesses throughout the United States.

Before starting her own venture, Kathy had quit her job as a graphic design production artist to have children. When she was ready to return to work, she resumed as a website assistant for a former colleague of hers who had started her own business. From there, she picked up as a virtual assistant and then slowly began growing her own business.

It was her ability to identify a solution for a potentially sustainable career that kept her looking for opportunities alongside excelling at her passion. Often people settle down wherever they are and refuse to step out of their comfort zones to give a shot to other things. The fear of ditching stability and risking it all to achieve something more demands immense courage and determination.

It dawned upon her quickly that she was building websites which not many were noticing. She went to a social media seminar to expand her knowledge. Her business partner, Jenny and Jenny’s work was used as an example of best practices throughout the presentation. It was mentioned at the end that Jenny was local and that her prices were affordable. That clicked Kathy and she reached out to her to schedule a meeting immediately. “It’s been the best decision of my career!” Exclaims Kathy.

At Fisher Green Creative, Kathy and her team like to partner with their clients with an aim to help their clients focus more on the product or service. They joyfully take charge of the website design & development and marketing aspects and let their clients work on the more vital aspects of their business.

When it comes to endeavors, like most small businesses, Kathy and her team’s initial focus was on building a client base. At present, they are solidifying their processes and bringing in team members to help them manage their now larger client base. The growth in their client base can be attributed to the exceptional customer service they offer to their clients.

Kathy reveals, “The daily challenges of running a business can force one to face things they aren’t necessarily good at when they begin. She further says that the skills she had to acquire over the years for her professional success have also had a beneficial effect on her personal life.

Currently, between juggling work and family life with her sweet husband and two awesome kids (one of whom insists on changing into a button-down shirt and tie after he gets home from school, the other who is as laid back as the day is long), Kathy enjoys chai with friends, a really good brown ale, a Red Sox game where all looks deceptively promising, Holy Donuts (proper bribery material for future reference), tons of flowers, sushi and color, color, color.

She further shares, “I hate winter but love Maine and assume everyone is really nice until they prove otherwise”.

Her final thoughts include a message for our powerful readers which follows as, “Don’t quit! Creating a successful business doesn’t happen overnight”. “This journey is a marathon, not a sprint,” proving her consistent nature once again!