Fuzia began with a dream of empowering women and valuing art which goes unvalued. Striving for a better world and hopes of empowering creativity since November 2015, it today is a global and independent online space for every individual who believes in the idea of equal opportunities, women’s rights and women’s empowerment.

What makes Fuzia unique is its belief in the ability of women who are yet to be successful and the idea that the staircase to their success is their happiness in what they like to do. We have over the years, built a solid global community that nurtures the creative abilities of young women- leaders of tomorrow, through the Fu-zion of culture and ideas.

Fuzia has collaborated with various esteemed organizations and with their support, we spread learning, expert support and guidance. We aspire to be of our audiences’ economic benefit and thus place the right skill at the right place, which benefits both, Fuzia and its users.
The ‘Superpower’ of Fuzia is the unshakable vow to achieve empowered representations of women, with the possible innovation of providing them with a platform to evolve from wherever they are, whatever their talent is and how ever they wish to pursue it.

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We tell you stories of everyday women. Women who are vulnerable and sensitive every so often, but emerge stronger, victorious and inspirational with their willpower. Join us on our social handles to never miss out an update.