Giving New Heights To Businesses With Her Problem-Solving Abilities

Meet Kim David- a Strategy & Innovation Consultant from New York who helps integrity-driven businesses and careers in growing. From being a Guyanese-American strategy and innovation consultant to also being an artist and entrepreneur- Kim helps women navigate between traditional power structures and build their own worlds to win. She also happens to a Forbes […]

This Woman Is Promoting Peace in Her Country by Empowering Women and Youth

Meet Odette Habonimana, country director at BFI, a non-profit organization that fights poverty in Burundi by creating education, healthcare, and self-sustaining enterprise opportunities.  From being a scared 9-year-old watching her mother strive during the civil war to becoming the Country Director of Burundi Friends International (BFI) at only 35, Odette Habonimana’s journey has been anything […]

This Musician Continues to Sing At 69 And Uses Her Networking Skills to Help Local Artists Find Work

A resilient ‘mother of reinvention’, my ‘Why not?’ has led me on many creative adventures”, says Paula Chafetz Snyder who describes herself as a performing vocalist-musician, writer-songwriter, motivational speaker, and “functional” artist. She is a founder-CEO at PC Snyder Creative Enterprises LLC, a company that manages her entertainment activities and also connects local artists to […]

The Movie Industry Just Can’t Do Without Her!

Meet Erin Sarofsky – the owner and Executive Creative Director at Sarofsky, a creative production studio based in Chicago. Erin kick-started Sarofsky in 2009 and formed a group of extraordinarily talented makers who have been providing their services to leaders in the advertising and entertainment industries worldwide. Today, Sarofsky’s makers use animation, visual effects, motion […]

Improving Happiness and Transforming Lives Through Movement and Meditation

With her passion and expertise, Savannah Carlson works to curate experiences that transform people inside out, whether it be personal development workshops, teaching practical mindfulness tools, or moving the body in sustainable ways. She is Director of Community Operations, Community and Operations for 109 World, a non-profit dedicated to improving people’s happiness and fulfilment through […]

This Entrepreneur Is Using Her Innovative Engagement Solutions To Evolve the NonProfits

Meet Elisa Brewer Pratt, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Brewer Pratt Solutions, LLC. It is an association advancement consulting firm that provides customized solutions to help non-profit organizations succeed.   After serving as a senior staff member at several non-profits, Elisa Pratt started her own organization in 2017. She is a certified association executive and […]

This Educator-turned-Director is Supporting Social Entrepreneurs By Providing Them Resources for Community Development

Meet Jennifer Clarke, Deputy Director of Social innovation and entrepreneurship at Baltimore Corps. It is a non-profit organization that enlists talent for social innovation and works towards equity and racial justice.  Jennifer grew up loving her community and embracing the cultural heritage in the suburbs of Houston, Texas. Her parents instilled in her the thought […]

Making An Impact Through Storytelling

Meet Kanika Chadda-Gupta, a wife and mother of three (including twins),  entrepreneur (Founder/CEO, Kronologie Agency), journalist, and podcaster (Host, “That’s Total Mom Sense”). The common denominator in her work is storytelling, which she believes fosters human connection and has a direct impact on society.  A former television anchor and executive producer for global networks including […]

Bridging The Gap Between Corporate and Non-Profits to Better Serve the Needy

Meet Kathryn Lynn Bujnovsky Genereux, Director of Partnerships at the Constellation Fund. It is an organization that finds, funds, and partners with the non-profits in the Twin Cities. A fairy godmother, hype woman, opportunity broker, and general facilitator of impactful collaborations, Kathryn Genereux fosters valuable partnerships that benefit the non-profit sector and the individuals involved […]

A Mompreneur who is Spreading Good Vibes through Beautiful Products

Meet Elizabeth Sutton, an Artist, a Designer, and an Entrepreneur, whose colorful artworks and products are helping others stay motivated. A single mother of two, and born and raised in New York City, Elizabeth is a self-taught artist, designer, and entrepreneur. Her business ranges from custom commissions, fine art, and limited edition prints, to the […]

Her Preschool Focuses on Every Child’s Unique and Creative Way of Learning

Meet Kim Turnbull, a Preschool Founder and the Director of Brooklyn Schoolhouse, an independent progressive preschool in Brooklyn, NY. As someone who believes in inquiry-based learning and the power of play and wonderment in the process, Kim is instilling a life-long love of learning amongst the kids at her pre-school. As a child, Kim was […]

It’s Never Too Late to Start Over Again

Meet Sandy Vogelman, Community Engagement Director and Chaplain at San Antonio Youth for Christ, an organization that inspires young people to work for the betterment of the society.  Despite having a troubled childhood and no one to watch over her, Sandy Vogelman rose like a phoenix from the ashes. Her childhood was full of trauma […]

Re-writing the Business Ethics by Taking on One Day At a Time

Meet Pratima Penumarthy, a director, educator, entrepreneur, and a responsible community member who has found a unique sense of purpose by serving those around her.   Pratima Penumarthy is an Indian-American who is making history abroad by single-handedly running multiple businesses at a time. She takes pride in her Indian heritage and does her best to […]

This Woman is Helping Save Environment Through Transformational Learning

Meet Marnie Alice Jackson, co-executive director at Whidbey Institute, a non-profit organization that works to grow human capacity through transformational learning for a future where people and the planet thrive together.  “In daily life, we must see that it is not happiness that makes us grateful, but gratefulness that makes us happy”- Brother David Steindl-Rast […]

Creating Waves of Change To Support The Growth of Women

Meet Susan J Schwartz, a CASA State director, Life coach, and Self Defense Instructor who works to empower and support women in their journey of self-discovery and helps transform their lives.  In a time where women are always perceived to be ‘jealous’ of each other, Susan Schwartz is doing everything possible to create a safe […]

This Educator Helping the Latino Immigrants by Giving them ESL Training

Meet Melissa Potts, ESL Senior Manager and Adult ESL Instructor at Canal Alliance. She is teaching English as a second language to Latino individuals to find work and live a respectful life.  In the times when racism is rampant in the country, Melissa Potts wishes to bring “cultural and linguistic awareness to teacher education”. Being […]

How She Worked Her Way Into The Movie Industry Without Any Support

Meet Coxy – an independent film writer and director based in Los Angeles, California.  Chiara Rodoni, whose stage name is Coxy, was born in Italy and raised between Milan and Paris. She’s been in love with cinema since she was a child, and started dreaming about becoming a filmmaker after watching Federico Fellini’s 8 ½ […]

Building a Green Economy by Converting Cooking Oil into Biodiesel

Meet Magalie Yacinthe, an entrepreneur and CEO at SO-IN Forsyth, a “socially innovative oil company that is building community equity through sustainability”.  As a conscious entrepreneur and responsible community leader, Magalie Yacinthe is doing every bit to save the environment. She is constantly working towards her goal of keeping the community happy, healthy, and alive. […]

This Digital Marketeer is Changing the Face of Business with Her Brilliant Ideas

Meet Melissa O’Brien, a social media enthusiast who is helping local businesses grow through marketing strategies.  “Do what you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life.”- Anonymous After years of struggling to find her passion, Melissa finally realized her love for digital marketing. Now, she is a Marketing and Communications Manager at […]

Harnessing the Power of Visuals To Communicate Ideas

Meet Nora Herting, Founder, and CEO of ImageThink, a New York-based graphic recording firm that uses visual theory and design thinking principles to capture and communicate complex ideas.  From being a contractual university teacher to becoming a successful visual artist with a high-profile clientele, Nora Herting has come a long way. As a leader and […]

This Entrepreneur Gave Up Her Career In Finance To Start Her Own CBD Wellness Line

Meet Victoria Flores, co-founder at “Lux Beauty Club”, a company that manufactures high-quality CBD beauty and wellness products.  In a world where Cannabis is slowly transitioning from being a “banned” substance to a saving grace for millions, Victoria Flores and her partner started “Lux Beauty Club” to produce clean and organic CBD products. They launched […]

Changing Lives with Dignity and Perseverance

Meet Lisa Sheltra, a social worker, mother, teacher, and a two-time cancer survivor. Now she is a hope to the needy and works to build community relationships.  “You can make an enormous difference in the lives of others by simply helping them understand how much they matter.” These are the words of Lisa Sheltra, a […]

Providing a Platform to Bridge the Gap Between Foster Kids and Families

Meet Lindsey Hesketh, a devoted social worker who started an initiative to become the voice of the disadvantaged foster children and families.  Lindsey Hesketh is a social worker and the Chief Operating Officer at Fostering Great ideas. She started the “Care2Foster” initiative to “restore hope to children in foster care through innovative ideas built on […]

She Helps Artists Flourish As Entrepreneurs

Meet Erin J Minckley- a visual artist, an entrepreneur and the founder of a luxury wallpaper company called Relativity Textiles, based in Chicago. Erin is a lover of all things foreign- she loves to travel and explore new places that led her to initially develop a habit of collecting wallpapers and then eventually creating her […]

Making the World A Better Place by Learning the Art of Empathy

Meet Lindsay Pagano, a gifted social worker who despite her learning disability continues to help those in need of medical care.  Lindsay is an essential worker who takes care of underprivileged and medically needy seniors. She holds a Masters degree in Medical and Clinic Social Work from Boston University. She works at West Side Federation […]

This Radiologist is Helping People Understand Their Treatment Procedure to Make Their Own Decisions

Meet Isabel Gala Netwon, an Interventional Radiologist, and the co-founder of the Interventional Initiative,, an organization dedicated to educating the public about minimally invasive, image-guided procedures. An interventional radiologist and researcher with a mission to improve healthcare for patients through research, support of physician wellness, promotion of health equity, and public outreach and education, […]

This Activist’s Voice Is A Blissful Gift To The Animals

Meet Melya Tsakirides- An Animal Rights Activist and the Founder of Voice for the Animals. Before finding Voice For The Animals over 20 years ago, Melya has devoted her life to their welfare and her organisation indulges in a whole variety of animal-related causes. However, her formative years were not the easiest. Her father was […]

Encouraging The Youth To Find Freedom In Creativity!

Meet Katie Synder- a life and business coach who helps millennials find freedom by fostering creativity.  Born in Nashville, Tennessee, Katie owned a wedding and portrait photography business for 17 years before becoming a life coach. As a child, she grew up in an encouraging and happy household which taught her the importance of working […]

Using Technology To Unite Families & Undo Trauma

Meet Jessica Stern- Co-founder and COO of Connect Our Kids, a non-profit that uses smart technology to find families for foster children and orphans in America. Having a difficult childhood can teach you a lot in life. Jessica lost her mother at a young age to cancer and her father did not have the economic […]

Invoking the Feminine to Restore the Balance of the World is Her Aim

Meet Lori Wallace, the CEO and Founder of igMedical, a direct search firm serving the medical community of California.  Embracing career change as a gateway to wholeness, Lori’s focus as a recruiter has always been on transforming job search from headhunting to human connection. She is a depth mentor and the Founder and CEO of […]

For Her, Happiness lies in Mixing a Perfect Drink for her Customers

Meet Johanna Corman, the Co-owner and the Chief Product Inspiration Artist at Vena’s Fizz House – a bar and a beverage making house that serves the customized beverage needs of all. An entrepreneur at heart, Johanna’s passion is producing clean, natural, beverage-making products. She loves working with flavors and is the creator of over twenty […]

This Artist and Photographer Provides Space for People to Grow

Meet Tammy L McKinley, a Photographic Artist, a Real Estate Agent, and a Business Owner who runs an art studio of 12 other artists. A photographer with a creative eye and a goal to provide a space to people in need, Tammy McKinley is a well-known name in Jacksonville, Florida. She is a Principal Founder […]

‘An Actress with a Mission to Deliver Quality Content and Empower People

Meet Jenny Paul, an actress, a producer, a singer, and the Founder and CEO of Intent Entertainment, an organic content delivery platform. Jenny Paul is an award-winning actress, producer, and creator based in New York City with a Magna Cum Laude degree in Theater Arts from Brandeis University, and a Credential of Readiness (CORe) from […]

She Rescues People & Animals With Bed & Breakfast!

Meet Jen Warner- a Bed and Breakfast owner and Centered Riding instructor in Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.  After growing up on an Indiana farm and earning a college degree, Jen took a job in Kentucky. Several decades later, tired of office politics in government and corporate PR, she discovered the book called ‘Wishcraft’ by Barbara Sher […]

She Made A Platform For Students That Was Better Than LinkedIn!

Meet Reetu Gupta- CEO and Co-Founder at Cirkled In, a portfolio platform for students based in Washington DC.  Reetu was born and raised in Haryana, India and was highly inspired by her mother who was a teacher by profession and a woman of high ambition. In the 20th century, a woman like her mother happened […]

From Navy To Being A PR Professional- She Has Come Long Way!

Meet Brianna K Bentov- an experienced PR and Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) professional based in North Florida.  It is interesting to know that Brianna’s first career began in the US Navy as a musician, through which she was fortunate enough to travel and tour the world for eight years. Growing up, she had a supportive […]

What is ‘Waste’ For Some, Is A Pile Of Gold To Others

Meet Sheila Morovati, Founder and President of Crayon Collection, a non-profit organization that raises awareness about environmentalism, art education, and philanthropy.  Growing up as an immigrant in the United States, Sheila realized the importance of the smallest things in life. She didn’t have the ‘luxury’ to waste, and the seeing of the waste of resources […]

This Woman is Supporting Disadvantaged Youth Through A Modern Education and Employment Program

Meet Katherine Montero, Chief Executive Officer of Global Deeds, a non-profit and social enterprise that assists public schools, teachers, and corporations in empowering disadvantaged youth through innovative education and employment. While working at Harvard Medical School, Katherine decided to start an organization during her lunch breaks. Global Deeds was created out of a sheer accident, […]

Her Fundraising Provides Clean Water in the Central African Republic

Meet Seda Arzumanyan, the Director of Development at Water for Good, an organization that aims to tackle water poverty in the Central African Republic. A philanthropist by nature, Seda moved from Armenia to the United States in 2016 with her husband and two kids to complete her Master’s in Philanthropic Studies from the IU Lilly […]

A Visionary Philanthropist paves a medical path to wellness by facilitating research on Lyme Disease

Meet Sherry Cagan, President/Founder Stand4Lyme Foundation, an organization that is transforming Lyme through collaboration. An Award-winning Advocate and Philanthropist, Sherry Cagan’s motivation for commitment draws from her near-death experience, her daughters’ ongoing challenges from the effects of Lyme disease, and from the millions who have experienced the hardship associated with what has now become the […]

This Woman is Working Towards a Better World Through Cooperative Filmmaking

Meet Blessing Yen Smith, the Chief Design Officer at “Seed&Spark”; a platform that connects people through stories that matter by building sustainability, equity, and community for all creators. A multi-disciplinary designer and artist with a decade of experience working in product design and systems, Blessing thinks at the intersection of technology and the arts. She […]

A Simple Idea That Made Her A Millionaire!

Meet Kim Lavine- an author, entrepreneur and CEO of Heugenis, a digital health startup bringing a patent-pending non-drug treatment for Alzheimer’s on a global level. Life isn’t a cakewalk for most of us and Kim’s stands as a perfect example- her parents got divorced when she was just ten and she went on to be […]

This Is How You Should Age In The Modern World

Meet Risa Morimoto- Founder and CEO of The Modern Aging, a YouTube Channel that finds innovative and holistic ways to approach health to avoid ailments later in life. On a wintery January afternoon in 2001, Risa was sitting next to her mother at the kitchen table.  During their conversation, her mother suffered a debilitating stroke, […]

A Woman Who Has Changed The Way World Looks At Art & Artists

Meet Linda Mason- an internationally recognized makeup artist, cosmetics entrepreneur, visual artist, filmmaker and anti-vaccine conspiracy theorist. Born in Sunderland, Linda was highly inspired by her mother, an artist who imitated the hottest designer trends of that time and whose eccentric home renovations transformed their neighbourhood. This gave birth to Linda’s initial fascination for artistic […]

All Work & No Play Can Eat Up Your Productivity

Meet Mariah Nagengast- CFO & Co-Owner at Point Summit, a company that provides outdoor/indoor recreational facilities to people. Mariah effortlessly manages several outdoor adventure and seasonal parks, apart from being an avid sports enthusiast. She firmly believes that the youth of today can shape the generation of tomorrow, perhaps because of her modest upbringing- “I […]

For Her, Every Child And Their Health Matters

Meet Susan T. Gregg- Doctor of Occupational Therapy-Pediatrics/Founder & Owner of SMART Pediatric Therapy. Susan’s life leading up to her venture was busy with raising 3 children but she enjoyed every bit of it! When her son entered full-day kindergarten, she started working at his school as an occupational therapist. She was always interested in […]

Her Noble Deeds Are Lighting Up Lives In Tanzania

Meet Kerrie Holschbach- the founder of Food For His Children, an NGO that does Community Development in Tanzania, Africa. Before being a licensed social worker and pastor, she is a wife, a mother, and a Christian as she likes to call herself. As Kerrie has always been drawn to people who are struggling or are […]

She Helps Families In Securing The Future Of Their Children

Meet Jessica Barker- Program Director at Healthy Families, a program that provides resources and intensive in-home support for eligible parents in Benton and Linn Counties. Passionate about the use of public health programming to build and sustain health equity within communities, Jessica has an undergraduate degree in Community Health Science and a Master of Public […]

Sometimes, It’s Better To Be Outside Rather Than Being On The Inside!

Meet Joy Ellsworth- a Social Entrepreneur & Founder at Clement Waters, a non-profit organization that helps people to become better stewards of gifts that are naturally available to all of humanity. Joy had always catalyzed the expression of harmony and achievement between other people. As a result, she first found an organization called ‘My Heart […]

Helping People Realize the Freedom of Speech Through her Podcasting Studio

Meet Jennifer Ho, the Founder and CEO of Hangar Studios, a podcast production company that propagates the value of free speech. A mom to her five kids, Jennifer decided to join the ranks of podcast early adopters in 2009 to open Hangar Studios, the first ‘woman-of-color’ owned podcast production company in the US. She took […]

She Is Giving Women Of Today The Wings To Fly

Meet Alison Lamagna- an experienced nonprofit leader, currently working as the Director of Programs & Gender Equity at Vermont Works for Women.  Working to advance the economic independence of women in Vermont, Alison has worked in various spheres throughout her career, each with a focus on social justice and advocacy for marginalized groups- ensuring that […]

A Platform For Entrepreneurs To Share Their Journey & Inspiration!

Meet Tricia Scott- the CEO, founder & editor of The Female CEO, a platform for entrepreneurs to come together for inspiration, connection empowerment and support. Apart from being a Certified BARE Coach (the only one in the UK!) and running a community of extraordinary entrepreneurs who come together to support, inspire, empower and connect with […]

This Clinical Therapist is Helping Others Battle Mental Illnesses While Staying Optimistic About Life

Meet Latoya A. Delmadge, a Clinical Therapist, a published author, and the proud business owner of Mindful Proverbs Consultation PLLC. A clinical therapist with experience in treating individuals, couples, and families, Latoya specializes in Mindfulness-based practice that uses a spiritual, existential, and psychodynamic approach to treatment. She is a Clinical Director and the author of […]

Reporting Essence in the Times of Virality and Fake TRPs

Meet Nivi Shrivastava, a seasoned lifestyle journalist, digital creator, and founder of, an online platform where young writers and brands get to tell their real stories.   Don’t complain, don’t explain — keep working and the real story will be out soon. Spoken like a true journalist, Nivi Shrivastava swears by these words not only […]

This Leader and Guide Spread Hope by Recuperating People in Need

Meet Sandra Maple-Deaver, a recuperative care director who works with the homeless, and people with addiction to restore them to a life of dignity. A compassionate human and a Navy Veteran, Sandra is a 46-year-old woman with children. She has recently celebrated seven years of sobriety from addiction. According to Sandra, coming to the mission […]

Adding The Fragrance Of Love & Care In Everyone’s Lives Wherever She Goes

Meet Laura McCann- the Chief Mood Booster & CEO at Adoratherapy, a company that produces vegan and cruelty-free essential oil fragrances. As she identifies herself as a Right and Left brain entrepreneur with a passion for business and creativity- having spent her career in fashion, technology, and product development- Laura fondly calls herself as ‘life […]

Providing A Safe Space To Those Who Battle With Life and Rehab

Meet Kelsey Hastings- the founder and CEO of Advantage Living Centers, a healing and rehabilitation chain across the United States. Dedicating your life for someone else’s well-being isn’t easy- it requires courage of the greatest kind. From being a registered nurse, a licensed nursing home administrator and ordained minister, Kelsey has served humanity almost all […]

Helping Couples & Families Lead A Better Life By Bridging Every Gap

Meet Jennifer Lehr- an author, a marriage & family therapist & the founder of WeConcile, an online DIY relationship restoration program for couples. Sometimes, life takes you through situations that either make or break you and Jennifer’s was no less. Since childhood, she bore the wrath of her parents’ marital problems. Even though her father […]

Stress Shouldn’t Hamper Your Life & She Makes Sure Of It

Meet Wendy Jordanov- a psychologist and CEO at, a brand synonymous with wellness products. Sometimes, an idea can change your life. Better still, if it comes out at your kitchen table! Wendy’s life changed when one fine day, a conversation during mealtime eventually turned in to a multinational business- making her an entrepreneur with […]

Her Non- Profit is Delivering Elevated Content for People of All Ages

Meet Mary Brotherton – the co-founder and president of the nonprofit bUneke, the editor in chief of bUneke Magazine, and the director of bUneke Radio. Mary is a lot of things – a manager, an administrator, an editor, a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a cat companion, and a writer. She manages three distinctly different […]

Her Talented Eye in Photography Made Her Favourite Among Professionals

Meet Michelle Kaffko- a photographer and the founder of Organic Headshots, a photography studio based in Chicago, in the U.S.    It is indeed true that your passion for something can take you to new horizons. After leaving a career in marketing to explore filmmaking and photography, Michelle started a photo studio that specialises in […]

This Nurse helped Locals Find Better Employment Options at a Coffee Estate

Meet Allison Thweatt Brown- a Nursing Medical Director & the founder of Mission Lazarus, an initiative that provides employment to the less privileged.  Allison is a nurse who believes that holistic healing is best aimed at communities and families and includes the discovery and subversion of the root causes of all types of malady. To […]

individual representation

Helping People Improve Their Money Management In An Interactive Way

Meet Olga Kirshenbaum- Money Coach & Owner of Rags to Riches Consulting that coaches individuals and couples to help them realign their money-habits with their money-goals.  As a Money Coach, Olga empowers creative people to get comfortable with money. She hosts a podcast called ‘9 Minutes of Creative Wisdom’, where she talks to these creative […]

Learn the Art of Following Your Passion from this Successful Entrepreneur

Meet Dr. Kristy Lamb, a physician and the founder of BOLD Health. She is also a professional psychiatrist who followed her passion to serve the community against all odds.   “Leap, and the net will appear”. These are the words that changed the life of Dr. Kristy Lamb. According to her “once you follow your passion, […]

Her Pictures Speak Louder Than Her Words

Meet Marnie Clagett- an experienced Photographer and the Owner of Clagett Photography, a studio based in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. Marnie happily operates a photography studio known as Clagett Photography in a building that she and her husband have renovated in their city’s historic downtown neighborhood. This very studio provides the sole income for their family of […]

Introducing A Sport That Teaches You Life’s Most Important Lessons

Meet Monica Rosen- Founder, CEO & CFO at Sabakiball International, a competitive sport meant for multiple skill levels. Working with a small business since she was merely 16 years old, Monica started her first non-profit organization when she was just 18 years old. Today with more than 20 years of athletic experience working with children […]

This Woman has been Educating People to Transform the Way they Deal with PCOS

Meet Megan M Pearson, the Founder and Executive Director of ‘PCOS Awareness Association’, a nonprofit that is dedicated to bring a change in the lives of people with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. With a mission to revolutionize the way people approach education surrounding PCOS awareness, Megan’s non-profit, ‘PCOS Awareness Association’, is built on the five pillars […]

This Woman Helps Brands to Magnify their Corners and Re-Imagine them in VR

Meet Monica Poulard Hawkins, the Founder and CEO of a boutique management consulting firm- PPDG, serving the Corporate Industry, Global Leaders, and The Academy. Monica’s establishment helps organizations re-imagine themselves and build capacity for impact for the future. She leverages their strongest assets, which are often hidden in the margins and around corners, and uses […]

Once it’s Within your Conscious Range, it’s Within Your Ability to Consciously Change

Meet Dr Laura Graye- a visionary scientist and medical intuitive researching vibrational healing in Boston, Massachusetts. Utilizing her powerful intuitive capabilities, her knowledge of human anatomy, physiology, neuropsychology and a natural understanding of the quantum human experience, Laura offers deep-seated healing at each level of consciousness. Her gentle heart and boundless energy guide clients from […]

Bringing Brand Identity to Non-Profits and Small Businesses, One Design at a Time!

Meet M. Kendall Ludwig- President and principal designer at CurlyRed, an initiative that provides design, branding, print and web solutions for numerous companies and non-profit organisations. After starting CurlyRed in 2007 with the desire to create art, usable art, M. Kendall’s vision included the following statement: “…to lay bare the beauty in ordinary things is […]

A Fascination For Old Architecture Led Her To Take Up Historic Preservation In Her 30s!

Meet Judith Broeker who specializes in historic preservation, building conservation training, volunteer vacation coordination and is actively working towards protecting cultural heritage with her initiative.     Love can indeed come in different forms to different people and for Judith, her love for historic buildings has taken her all over the world. A bachelor of Asian Studies […]

Joanne Burke- Sherman

Healing Lives With Holistic Health-Care & Helping People Discover Their Journey

Meet Joanne Burke Sherman,  a mother, a wife and an entrepreneur who is helping people achieve their best-self through nutrition, supplements and mind-body awareness.  Sometimes, life puts you in situations where you are compelled to make decisions that you don’t think of otherwise. Being in a similar scenario, Joanne never thought that interest in holistic […]

Changing Lives With Words & Wisdom: Sijdah Hussain

Meet author and Senior Content Marketer at Human Focus International, who also has her own social initiative, ‘Chaaon – Sab k Liye’, which creates awareness against child and animal abuse.   Who would have thought that an English Literature Graduate would swiftly work up her way to having an illustrious career in content marketing in […]

This Inspiring Entrepreneur Believes In Empowering And Educating Through Art

Meet Karen Alexander-Banks, CEO of the Columbia, South Carolina (USA) based Auntie Karen Foundation- a globally recognized charitable corporation.     Maybe it was her love for arts that inspired her to leave her lucrative professional position with a company like Xerox Corporation to offer something different to the world. And maybe, the programs offered by […]

This Woman is in the Business of Transforming Lives

Meet Soha Juneja, CEO and Director at First Impression, a renowned Speaker, Coach, Counselor and Mental Health Architect, who is all about training and coaching people to be the next version of themselves without judgement.   Soha Juneja is a good example of someone who truly desires to make a difference in the lives of […]

Shellye Archambeau and the Many Feathers on Her Hat

Shellye Archambeau is one of Silicon Valley’s first female African American CEOs. She is a Former Executive of IBM, CMO at two public companies and Former CEO of a then-struggling Silicon Valley startup which is now MetricStream, a recognized global leader in governance, risk, and compliance software solutions. She is currently a Fortune 500 board […]