Empowering Women to Build their Own Business Without Validation

Meet Diann Wingert- Business Strategist & Mindset Mentor Diann Wingert Coaching, an organization that helps women realize their potential outside the corporate world. 

Diann had been a psychotherapist for over 20 years before she turned into a business strategist and mindset mentor. She keenly focuses on the reasons why brilliant women hold themselves back from embracing their ambition and reaching their full potential. With her efforts, she is currently on a mission to help female entrepreneurs and professionals close the gap between where they are and where they want to be through business coaching, strategy, and mentorship.

Her entrepreneurial mindset was pretty evident since early adulthood- because of which she struggled to work in almost every corporate, academic and nonprofit industry she ever signed up for. Before she understood her true potential, she changed jobs and industries frequently before recognizing that her mindset was extremely different from people who were happy with their daily jobs. Following a harassment situation in 2010, she left the corporate world altogether and started working independently. 

Her venture, Diann Wingert Coaching, is a micro business that is run by herself and a small team of freelance contractors who provide her virtual support in several areas. With this, she helps fellow women who either want to leave or have left their careers to create more profitable, sought-after and satisfying businesses based on their expertise. She feels fortunate that most of her clients are highly educated professionals who are ready to become their own bosses and who turn to her for guidance, support and accountability.

After the coaching session, she provides an opportunity for her clients to provide her with a testimonial at the end by inviting them as a guest on her podcast, The Driven Woman Podcast. She calls them ‘client success story episodes’ and she loves sharing positive feedback to inspire other people. 

Over the past five years,  Diann has helped women start businesses in coaching and consulting, creative and professional services and helped many other established business owners become more profitable through a strategic design of their business around their zone of genius.

She still recalls the time when she was a psychotherapist and was on the verge of burnout- “I felt that I was working for many hours while being trapped in a location I didn’t want to live in. I spent a lot of money every month to rent a professional office and was limited to seeing clients in a geographic location where there were 500 other licensed therapists in my zip code alone. Now that I am a coach, I divide my time between the California desert in the winter and the Oregon coast in the summer, I work from home and attract clients from all over the world,” she says.

She believes that one of the biggest mindset blocks she hears from other women is related to their age. Most women either think they aren’t old enough for anyone to take them seriously or that they are too old to get started when they could have started years ago. 

According to Diann, any person is never too young or too old to start a business. The time to do anything is NOW!

So far, she has helped clients in their 20s, 30s and even 60s and has received great responses. It has only been possible because she started when she was ready to embrace the adventures that lay ahead. She stopped listening to critics and getting into self-doubt.  

She says that people should just commit, take the first step and surround themselves with similarly-driven, courageous women who are fighting to go after their dreams. If you are a woman who seeks more information, inspiration and motivation on a weekly basis, don’t forget to listen and subscribe to her free podcast, The Driven Woman Podcast.