Rebecca White

Rebecca White, a Nonprofit Consultant, has over two decades of experience in developing and growing successful nonprofit programs. She now helps nonprofit leaders demystify and simplify the strategic process, grow capacity, and significantly improves resource development.

What were your initial years of growing up like? 

While I was born in the US, we left for Malta before I was three. I was snorkeling before I could ride a bike. I was then lucky to grow up living and traveling across our amazing world, enjoying the diversity of languages, cultures, traditions, and approaches to problem solving. 

I’m pretty sure all the time spent on airplanes and in hotels between homes nurtured my love of reading. To this day, I’d much rather navigate a crowded airport followed by a long plane ride than drive cross country. 

Tell us about your life before you decided to start your corporate journey/ venture/ initiative.

My career path was more a winding road, beginning in advertising before moving into the nonprofit space – while raising a family. I’m a shameless optimist and I enjoy solving problems so you can see how those two concepts can go together. 

How did you come across that one idea or a turning point that changed your life? Please tell us the backstory about it, if any. 

Growing up, I saw the power of community and the importance of personal independence. Both central, I think, to our work in making our communities better for everyone. 

Tell us something about your initiative/ or current role. What is it about and What impact are you trying to bring?

  1. My commitment is to help mission-driven leaders improve their organization’s financial sustainability and strengthen their work. By doing this, I am making a positive difference in the world now and for future generations. 
  2. While I use it, since it’s the industry standard, I’d like to remove the word nonprofit from our field. It’s a tax status, not an operating model. 
  3. Creating an abundance mindset. Scarcity thinking leads to poor decision-making. 

What were the challenges faced? Are there any now? How were the last 2 years for you [pandemic phase]?

I started my business in late 2018, picking up steam in 2019. In early 2020 with the start of the pandemic, several clients needed to pause contracts to focus on their immediate needs. Instead of panicking, I sought out partners to learn from/lean on and thought through ways I could best help in my field. My business has grown despite the challenges of operating during a pandemic. 

What have been your remarkable achievements/accomplishments?

  1. Raising three incredibly kind and solutions-oriented people who are helping to make this a world a little better every day. 
  2. Through my work with nonprofits, I help create a better world. 

What change would you like to bring in the world , if given an opportunity?

The opportunity for everyone to pursue their dreams. 

How do you look at failure, from your experience and perspective?

Failure is given, no matter your efforts. What isn’t given is what you learn from the experience and what you do next. Test ideas before scaling. 

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned in your life?

Challenge assumptions and be open to opportunity. 

Your personal motto in life?

Find where you can make a difference. 

Give a motivational message for the audience/women who are reading this. 

Trust that you know what you want. 

What are your thoughts about women leadership today?

I would like for women leadership to be expected and common.