Vicki Lovegrove

Vicki Lovegrove is based in Staffordshire in the UK. She has worked with creative people to get their mojo back: be happier at work, stay in roles longer, and be creatively fulfilled.

Tell us about your life before the venture/ leading up to your venture? 

I have been working as a graphic designer for over 30 years, and have run my graphic design business for 19 years.

Tell us something about your organization. What is it about and how is it helpful for people?

With the coaching I deliver, I help you calm your mind so you can be present in the moment, instead of dealing with a million thoughts whirring through your head at once.

I help you with tools to stay mentally balanced, so you have the energy to do the creative work you thrive on. And, I help switch you on to using your creativity in your spare time too, if you’re not already.

Imagine yourself feeling lighter, buzzing with creative energy, and ready to grow a business or career you love.

What has been the response of the consumers towards your venture? 

I have had a lot of interest, and get good results. It can be hard and take lots of courage to engage with a coach. I have worked with people who are burnt out and exhausted from working in environments that are not particularly nurturing for creative people. It is great to see those people grow and find their creativity again.

How has your life changed because of your venture?

I was looking for more balance in my working life. I wanted to work with more people, rather than just being squirrelled away designing. I also wanted to spend more time with my family outside of term time. I now have that balance, which I love.

Give a motivational message for the audience/women who are reading this.

What other people think of you is none of your business. Take any professional feedback on your creative work with grace and don’t take it personally, it doesn’t define you.