Yvonne Bignall

Yvonne Bignall is a 37-year veteran of the health & fitness industry, and an award-winning women’s health advocate. She loves the many life roles she gets to experience including that of being a mother, grandmother, author, speaker, coach & trainer. Having multiple roles for her also means acknowledging the importance of taking care of her health. That in turn has led her to help other women and she feels privileged to be helping women 50+ and want to reconnect with their innate power through self-care- physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually. She helps them shift from exhausted, stressed or burnt out to healthy, energetic & thriving.

Tell us about your life before the venture/leading up to your venture? 

Following redundancy in 2003, I set up a virtual business, supporting coaches & trainers, helping them to run their businesses smoothly. My clients’ work inspired me to upskill and develop my training & coaching abilities. Initially, I helped women transition from employee to business owner, but over time I realised many of these women were struggling, not only from a lack of confidence and depositing zero time in their own wellbeing, but because they always prioritised others. Suddenly, it was clear I could make a lasting difference helping them reconnect with the importance of self-care, as it impacts all areas of their lives.

Tell us something about your organization. What is it about and how is it helpful for people?

Most of my clients are women 50+ who struggle with carving out time for themselves, who perhaps are stuck in a sense of loss once the children have left home and are uncomfortable with turning that freed up time to meet self needs, and/or who are feeling stressed trying to be all things to everyone whilst their wellbeing takes a dive. They know it’s not sustainable to give all their energy away but don’t know where to start to make the changes necessary for long term wellbeing that leads to thriving.  

Through a proven combination of self-nurturing activities and coaching, I help my clients raise their self-awareness (where are you now), bringing their life into alignment with their core values and taking necessary actions to develop habits that enhance their health. 

From practical activities such as Nordic walking (in nature), personal training and nature facilitation (connecting with nature), through to life coaching & incorporating physical intelligence (focused on helping them influence their body from a negative state to a positive one through things such as disruptive movement, stillness & breathwork), we place self-care front and centre. That means they work on consistently re-energising to ensure they have everything they need to fulfill all the things they want to, along with the mental clarity to make decisions that matter to them, and confidently say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to the many life demands that might come their way.

What has been the response of the consumers towards your venture?

In 2017 I won the Women’s Health Advocate Award, in 2021 I was shortlisted to the final 3 for UK Community Coach of the Year through UK Coaching based on the community work I do. 

My clients recommend me to others, in fact 70-80% of my work comes from referrals and most of my clients come to me for more than one service. There is real trust and meaningful relationships forged and they know they can share thoughts, feelings & experiences with me without judgement – that is a huge pull.

That has led me to create what will be an online community ‘Permission To Thrive’ where women 50+ will be invited to join like-minded women and build a self-care community together, focusing on health in all its areas; body, mind, soul, wealth, personal development, business & career and so on. Those who know about it are excited and I am aiming to soft launch in July, ready for a full launch in September.

What’s a leadership lesson that you’ve learnt that’s unique to being a female leader?

I sense that men are happiest competing but women thrive and grow when collaborating. Thus, collaborating is an essential part of what I do and wish to continue to work on. Together we really are stronger.

Give a motivational message for the audience/women who are reading this.

Self-care doesn’t happen by chance, it happens by choice. Choose your right to look after and love yourself because your health is, ultimately, your responsibility and it will change your experience of life. Give yourself the permission to thrive!