This Business Coach is Helping Businesses Survive, Thrive, and Grow

Meet Tanya King, Business Coach at Coventry & Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce, a UK-based organization that aims to help businesses to survive, thrive & grow through a wide range of services. 

As thrilling and exciting as starting a new business is, it is also daunting. It requires a lot of hard work, planning, time, and all the help you can get. Assisting businesses to get started the right way is business coach, Tanya King. Tanya and her organization, Coventry & Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce, are dedicated to providing essential advice and support to those setting up or looking to develop and grow their businesses.

Tanya grew up on a farm in the West Country, so she led a carefree lifestyle but always looked forward to opportunities to grow and develop. She joined the Chamber five years ago, prior to which she worked in various corporate roles in senior management, running sales and operations teams and regions. She also lectured in marketing at UWE. Besides this, she also set up a home business which was successful and is still operational. King took some time off from her last role when there was a change in products supplied. Thinking about her career going forward, she realized her ability to help out businesses and people. This led her to join her current organization.

Talking about the Chamber of Commerce, she says, “We provide a free support service to businesses which is key for those in the early stages of ideas and set-up as often money is tight.” From offering quality advice, services to support and training, they take care of everything essential for the success of a business. They give companies an opportunity to network, grow their contacts, and promote themselves to hundreds of local businesses while also offering free protection against HR, health and safety, and legal issues. The program is delivered free of cost to all the eligible businesses in the Coventry & Warwickshire area. They run a number of multiple practical training sessions for people covering business setup, accounting rules, developing websites, creating brands, and use of social media platforms. The feedback for all of them has been excellent. 

Tanya’s initial challenges were managing large teams and getting them to work together. Today is all about fitting all she wants to do in a day and maintaining a good work-life balance. Becoming a business coach has given her better job satisfaction among all things, and she is extremely grateful for it. 

King’s years of experience in corporate really helped her adjust to her role as a business coach. She was familiar with the common pain points of most businesses and was thus able to provide better solutions to the problems. She offers a ray of hope for people and businesses who are frequently overwhelmed by new hiccups that arise on a daily basis. She and her organization are doing their best, so they can help them build stronger foundations and grow in the future. Leaving a short but inspiring message for her readers, she says, “Today is your opportunity to build your tomorrow.