A Tale Of Her Commitment To Creativity

Jennifer Mirkovic, Chief Operating Officer, Media / Content Management and Promotion, Airvuz, is a woman of creativity and commitment. Her ability to stay consistent with her pursuit fetched her a wonderful career that covers all facets of her expertise and interest. Besides holding a Master’s Degree in Communication, Jenny has a wide variety of experience in government, technical, financial, and creative environments. 

Jennifer grew up in Sioux Falls, SD, with young parents, and in a social environment that wasn’t very diverse back then. She grew up to appreciate the varying perspectives and cultures around the world and was anxious to experience it all. Jennifer shares, “I also always felt fortunate that my young father moved professionally into the world of technology just as computers and software were all starting to evolve very quickly”. “His perspective during that evolution helped me understand how the world was advancing technologically very rapidly!” 

Prior to AirVuz.com, Jenny had experienced a bumpy road that is no stranger to many women around the world. She has been proud of her undergraduate and graduate degrees in Communication. She held positions in economic / workforce development, local government, and even in colleges as a teacher in an adjunct capacity before starting a role working for Citigroup. “In that position,” she shares, “I learned valuable skill sets for large scale corporate projects and software development”. “However, in the interest of my marriage and family,” she continues, “I made the choice to follow my then husband’s career in a short series of out-of -state moves”.

Those moves meant that I, as a new mother and wife, had to recreate a career twice in cities where I had no professional networks, and during time frames when the unemployment rate was very unfavorable for my situation.” “Ultimately, I knew I needed to be creative and so I took lower paying, less reliable, but more flexible jobs in writing and software so that I could keep my career afloat while also being a parent and supportive spouse,” shares Jennifer. And guess what? Her commitment paid off! As each job led her to more exposure and experience, she ultimately made her way to AirVuz, where she moved from a project role to Vice President of Content & Community, and now, Chief Operating Officer.

What worked for Jennifer professionally was to take on the work that no one else wanted to do.  When she was promoted to a Vice President role, she realized that none of her peers wanted to take on the work of managing and responding to their technical support inbox, so she stepped in. In no time she was able to be the front line on many of the exciting opportunities that were presented to AirVuz. That meant she became the unofficial face of the company to many groups and individuals, which then created more value for herself in the company and her role. 

AirVuz has created a medium where general users can discover the world through the incredible perspective of drone cinematography and where drone pilots can have their incredible content promoted over social media, celebrated in ways that showcase the pilots’ respective talent, and featured in ways that give those pilots’ content additional exposure,” Jenny shares. “We are very proud of the community of drone pilots / content creators who are part of our AirVuz community!” she further adds. They take pleasure in seeing how these content creators use their flying cameras to push the envelope in video making. 

Although Jennifer faced several challenges early on in her career which included the out of state moves she made, she was the primary caregiver for two young children while also working full time while her ex-husband traveled. She reinvented herself to keep her career afloat.  However, each of these challenges gave her the opportunity to be flexible and creative in forging her own path forward. 

No wonder Jennifer passes on the following message to our readers! “Women are generally creative and committed problem solvers, and we need to always support and encourage the ways that women – who are the primary caregivers – juggle their personal and professional lives.  Women can and always will find inventive solutions!”